In Hat Heaven at Sacred Feather

The State Street shop reminds of a bygone era


Sacred Feather

417 State St.

It’s hard not to notice Sacred Feather among the newer businesses on State Street hawking skateboard accessories, bubble tea and cool kicks. The noble sandstone building stands in stark comparison to all of these flashier places—subtle, yet sophisticated. It’s a reminder of a bygone era, perhaps one where men and women wore hats all the time.

One of State Street’s oldest businesses, the shop opened in 1975 peddling jewelry, pottery, leather goods and a few hats. Nowadays, the shop specializes in toppers with a smattering of custom leather pieces. Current owner Wasie Amiri took over the shop last November from original founder Tony Badame, who retired. Amiri is for all intents and purposes a State Street fixture: he worked as a manager at Gino’s since 1990.

Hat enthusiasts can find a dizzying array of paperboys, stingys, fedoras, cowboy hats, pub caps, porkpies, straw hats and beanies by New York Hat Company, Broner, Dorfman Pacific and Biltmore. It’s a comfortable place.

And there’s something comforting about having a hat shop still on State Street; it just seems to fit. Amiri agrees: “We’re a very unique business on State Street, and have been for all of these years. We like it here,” he says, gesturing outside. “There are always people walking up and down the street. It’s lively!”

Clockwise from top-left:

1. State Street Treat
Amiri (left) and general manager Dustin Dunlavy offer a unique service at Sacred Feather: Staff can clean and shape hats and do minor repairs, too.

2. Ladies’ Choice
Women can pick from colorful hat options to shield late summer’s rays. These Tropical Trends and Broner hats are chic topper options. $25 and up

3. Hat Attack
Need a wardrobe workhorse? Pick up a hat to look instantly pulled together. We’re loving the pinstriped newsboys and wool pub caps for just the right amount of dashing effect. $15–$28

4. Great Fit
Sacred Feather offers custom-fitted belts, a very unique (throwback!) service. “We cut it, treat it and custom fit the belt to the customer’s waist,” says Amiri. They’re available in four colors. $50 (with buckle)

5. Living History
The Victorian building Sacred Feather is housed in dates back to 1884, and was once a tailor shop and a lingerie boutique. The most apparent thing to shoppers, though, is that this place is special—and definitely not a cookie-cutter store.

6. Fired Up
When Amiri took over the shop, he revamped the shop’s flooring and made over the office—but he didn’t touch the original coal-burning fireplace. In the winter, customers find the fireplace put to good use.

7. Pocket Pal
A good wallet is akin to a good hat, no? Pick up an Osgood Marley wallet to complete your look. $20–$65

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