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Pamela Heilman

Primary Care / GHC


What makes GHC unique? 
GHC has always been a primary care-based organization. Preventive care has always been a focus here—coordinating patients’ care. And then the not-for-profit cooperative aspect is also very unique. That has flavored the organization, I think, in a really positive way.

What is the biggest challenge in health care today?
The cost of health care overall has spiraled up and up. We need to find a way to provide high-quality care to everyone in the country in a cost-effective manner. And there’s absolutely no reason we should not be able to do that, because most of the rest of the developed world does that.

What would you change about today’s medical field?
I think there needs to be some rebalancing of the system so there are more primary care providers. Overall that’s something that’s done in other parts of the world. So encouraging medical students to enter primary care in higher numbers. I can only comment from studies that I read, but I think the very high debts they come out of school with today combined with the higher salaries of specialty care—presumably that’s what drives people’s decisions.



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