Life On The Beach: So Long Summer

As the season comes to a close, reflect on the progress and hope for the future

Sep 5, 2011

Thanks for a great summer! -Liz

Thanks for a great summer! -Liz

Photo By: Monica Palese

Well it's that time of the year again. The Sunday papers are full of crayon ads and the kids are going back to school. The days are cooling off and the boats are being put away. The red from our guard suits has faded, and boring off-season jobs loom over us. We've had a great overall season at the beaches this year and I'm excited for better years to come.

I’ve been preaching “Clean Lakes” over the past 10ish weeks like a Southern Minister. Harping on how important it is to do your part and spread the word, I haven’t had a chance to praise Madisonians for the efforts they have put in. So, job well done. While the process is a slow one and this is no time to stop, in the eyes of beach guards, we’re the tortoise.

Last summer, Olin beach was a disaster zone, Esther was almost never open, and obnoxious orange fences had to be put up to keep the geese out of Vilas for weeks on end. This summer, while we had a few closings due to high bacteria levels and blue-green algae, guards could actually count on going to work instead of having a 50/50 chance. Granted, the weather and luck had a lot to do with it. But personally, I would like to believe that the message is finally getting out there. The Clean Lakes Alliance has been working diligently to make progress and prove the importance of this issue. Hopefully this year’s momentum can keep us going on the right track to healthy waters. Years down the road, you’ll be able to wave to the hare as you pass him on your jetskis and Mastercrafts.

While winter is on its way and the lakes take a back seat to the ski hills, remember the good times, and look forward to new memories. Keep your thoughts “clean” and hopefully, come next June, we’ll be that much closer to the finish line.


This is my last post for the summer, but I can’t close my laptop before saying thank you. Thank you to Madison Magazine for hosting my blog as an intern this summer. Thank you to the Clean Lakes Alliance for all that you do. Thank you to Madison Lifeguards for being awesome. And thank you to any readers I might have gained over the past few months. This has been an awesome experience and I hope someone learned at least something from my posts! Also, don’t forget to check out the Lights On The Lake Boat Parade this Monday night at 7:15pm!


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