Peru Viands

South America is a vast continent with many cultures, but an enigma for many of us. That’s especially true when it comes to eating. Peru’s cuisine may be unfamiliar, but is nonetheless sophisticated and complex, combining native ingredients and Spanish traditions. Immigrants from West Africa and Asia contribute to its treasure. Locally, Inka Heritage transformed a small storefront into one of the city’s most adventurous restaurants. The menu showcases traditional specialties like causa (flavored and stuffed mashed potatoes), ceviche (several ways), and imaginative seafood and meat platters. Standards are as high as the Andes, make dining at Inka Heritage a richly rewarding experience.

PHOTO: The Arroz Con Mariscos is seafood paella-style with “Aji Panca” red dry pepper and fresh fish mixed with squid, shrimp,       mussels, crab legs and shrimp in Creole sauce.

Inka Heritage
602 S. Park St.

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