Chic Consignment at Simply Savvy

The Middleton shop is your new best-kept closet secret


Erin Dubas owns Simply Savvy. See a sampling of the store's products below.

Simply Savvy

6333 University Ave., Suite 102, Middleton

Every stylish woman has a secret and it’s this: That favorite dress (or handbag or necklace or top) that’s become a wardrobe staple—she got it on sale for seventy percent off. Yes, we all have one of those pieces in our closet, the one we love to crow about how stylish it is and how inexpensively we picked it up for. It’s human nature to brag about deals, especially chic ones. So why stop there? Consignment shopping steps up your shopping game even more—for even less.

When Erin Dubas, owner of Simply Savvy, opened her Middleton consignment store in November 2011, she wanted to fill a niche that was sorely lacking on the far west side. The 4,500-square-foot space is brimming with men’s, women’s, maternity, children’s and baby clothes, plus home décor and furnishings. It’s the only consignment store in the greater Madison area that boasts all of these categories. Dubas’ store is not of the thrift-store variety. “We specialize in better brands and designer labels,” she explains. “It’s really fun to see what comes in every week, and to see our stock changing.”

With brands like Burberry, Prada, BCBG and Tod’s gracing shelves and racks, it would be a savvy move to stop and give your fall wardrobe a refresh.




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