Employees Dish

Hear what Epic's employees have to say about Chef Eric Rupert and the culinary team

If Epic Systems’ food service is intended to complement employees’ 
life and work styles, it’s clearly working. We asked several for their 
views. (Interestingly, Epic asked us not to use last names, as it makes it
 more difficult for competitors to poach the company’s talent.)


"I work in legal here at Epic, but I have a culinary background as well. Good food keeps employees happy—and on campus, that means we have 
more time to make better software for our customers. However, it took me 
longer to recognize the benefits to the culinary staff. When you no 
longer have to worry about making money, you have the freedom to focus
 entirely on the food. Every good cook I know wants nothing more than to 
prepare food they are proud of. Eric and his crew … do it very well,

– Jacob


"As an event planner at Epic I get to experience Epic’s culinary team on 
a lot of different levels. Not only am I a daily lunch patron but I
 also work closely with Eric and his team on the logistics of our 
customer and internal events. Much like the artwork that fills the
 campus, the menu that Eric’s team puts together offers surprises each 
day. That variety adds a bit of spark—part anticipation (what’s the
 special today?), part curiosity (I’ve never tried that before)—to the 
day that provides a nice boost. On the events side, Eric has been a
 leader in pulling off seemingly impossible culinary feats for thousands 
of our customers.

– Brandon


"I have the pleasure of hiring for Epic’s culinary team (as their 
recruiter) and of working with Eric quite closely in the process. Epic 
and its staff are changing health care, and the culinary team fuels 
Epic’s staff and therefore that change. They do high-quality work at a 
fast pace, and they consistently put their customers first. They are 
inspiring, and they always make me smile to boot. I know that no matter 
what challenge I’m tackling in my day to day, the resource of a
 wonderful lunchtime meal is just a building away.

– Meagan


"One of my favorite perks of working at Epic is Cassiopeia, our fantastic 
employee dining facility. Most of the lunches I’ve had in Cassiopeia are 
as good as or better than what I can get in many of Madison’s fine 
dining restaurants. The staff is passionate about preparing attractive,
 delicious food every day. Each dish’s presentation shows the care and 
pride that goes into the food. Working with co-workers so committed to
 their craft is a true privilege and pleasure.

– Emily

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