A Poet's Place

This poem pays tribute to the fascinating Frank Lloyd Wright from Wisconsin and the architecture that reflected his passion and creativity. - Fabu

Before Wright Broke the Box

By Fran Rall

Before Wright, only hovels lay down in the dirt

Proper homes did not turn and twist, to hide their entrances

Nor did windows let in trees.

Before Wright, houses were not married to the land

They were prim, stood in rows, with their siding kilted up

Like white petticoats held out of the mud.

Four square, old fashioned, announced by pillars

With central doors protected by pediments

Windows on either side, like stiffly held arms.

Before Wright, houses were boxes: respectable

Structures for eating living, sleeping;

Organic was out back.

Fran Rall has lived in Madison for forty-six years and is coauthor of Common Joy II, a book about outdoor art in the city. She can be heard on the WORT program Mind's Eye Radio.



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