46. Matt Storms

AlphaTech Counsel, S.C.

Founder and CEO

Launched: 2009

What We Like: Storms put in thirteen years as partner at a major law firm on top of his decade-plus in the military. This combination makes him not only a strategic thinker, but also a great leader, steering companies in the right direction. That’s what he’s doing with AlphaTech, a boutique law firm working exclusively with startups on the ever-confusing legalese that’s inherent in building a successful business. When it comes to acquisitions, venture capital transactions, licensing arrangements and the like, Storms is your man.

Bragging Rights: AlphaTech has worked with everyone from ginormous Epic to growing strong TermSync. A UW grad, Storms looks for ways to pass on what he’s learned to others. Over the years he’s blogged for the Wisconsin Technology Network, served as a mentor in the Victor Spark accelerator for veteran entrepreneurs, and was president of the board of directors of the Atwood Community Center (now the Goodman Community Center).

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