8. Mark Bakken

Nordic Consulting

Co-founder and CEO

If you’re an Epic employee—let’s call them “Eppys” for short—then you know Nordic because where Epic goes, Nordic follows. Nordic is a big player in the industry as a consulting firm for Epic users. Basically, once Epic installs its software, these are the go-to guys to make it all work, unleashing their knowledge and expertise on individual software applications within the Epic suite. And due to Nordic’s planned proximity to Epic, its talent pool lives right around the corner. If you’re not an Eppy or an Epic user, you might recognize Nordic from those ads on the wall at the airport as you wind your way through security. Co-founder and CEO Mark Bakken captains Nordic’s own epic rise to success. Launched in 2010, Nordic employs 350 people and has seventy-five customers in thirty-five states. Projected 2013 revenues of $80 million are more than double the earnings of 2012. That’s one seriously successful spinoff. 

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