15. James Dias


Founder and CEO

With the fee-for-service health-care model dying on the vine, wellbe.me is among the groundswell of startups tackling the new, value-based way our health care is delivered. Launched in ’08 and the sixth startup for James Dias, wellbe.me is an interactive tool for patients and families. Let’s say you’re having major surgery. You know how hard it is to navigate your way through the intricacies of the health care system and maintain your sanity at the same time. wellbe.me to the rescue with a step-by-step treatmant plan—sort of like an electronic personal assistant—for the dozens of steps it takes to complete the journey. The vitual platform offers everything from checklists and forms and reminders to videoconferencing with your doc (Dias’s web casting and distance learning know-how from his years at Sonic Foundry paying off here). Watch educational videos, attend chats, read patient stories and more. Dias markets the product to health-care providers, who integrate it into their systems. “We think outsiders—none of us have clinical backgrounds—may be able to provide a fresh perspective and can help drive and deliver new thinking,” Dias says. We do, too.

16. Dominic DiMarco



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