4. Alnisa Allgood

Nonprofit Tech

Founder and executive director

Launched: 1996

What We Like: Everything. And Allgood, it seems, is virtually and physically everywhere: she serves on the board of directors of Madisonium, a trade group for techies; organizes Madison Nonprofit Day and MadTech, a tech and social support group for nonprofits; shows up, engages, volunteers, rocks.

Bragging Rights: In addition to her tech consulting nonprofit, Allgood is building an online news and resource service for all area nonprofits—and we’ve got a lot of ’em. “It’s a way to centralize the data so the nonprofit community can communicate more effectively,” she says. In her spare time (ha!), she’s working with Madisonium to create a getting-started guide for the technology ecosystem.

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