Cooking Essentials for Deer Camp

Pack these basics for a delicious meal

In the month the Ojibwe call the “freezing moon,” critters begin to fill their caches and some 600,000 Wisconsinites take to the woods for their own November ritual—deer hunting.

As you gather gear for deer camp, bring along a few cooking basics to jazz up your catch. A mix of four parts Worcestershire sauce to one part peanut oil spiked with lots of fresh-ground black pepper is tops for tenderloin, cubed trimmings or burgers. Drop in a tablespoon of raspberry or currant jam if you like fruit. Buttermilk is a surefire tenderizer for older animals; you can also soak the livers of young deer in it. Slice the liver thin, flour it, and crisp-fry in butter or bacon drippings. Bring along a crockpot if you have one. Flour up and brown a venison roast. Toss in some wine or broth, salt, pepper and veggies. You’ll have a hot meal waiting for you when you come back to camp.

And at the end of a hard day of hunting, this is a luxury you can lay right into.

John Motoviloff is a cook, author and outdoorsman.



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