The Young and the Thankful

Wendy Bell's third-graders at Emerson Elementary share what they're grateful for in Madison

“I like the Henry Vilas Zoo because it has lots of animals. They are cool! My favorite animals in the whole zoo are the lions! They are awesome! I like the mane on the boy lions! The girl lions hunt for the food. It’s cool, and they sleep all day. The end.”
– Jordan Matthews

“I am thankful for Bucky Badger because he’s the Wisconsin mascot and because he’s our state animal. Warning! Stay away from badgers because they are vicious.”
– Abdoulie Jammeh

“The Capitol has pictures inside the building. On the top there is a golden girl and her name is Wisconsin. In the Capitol there are a lot of doors. And, at night, the Capitol dome changes colors.”
– Montarius Echoles

“I like the Goodman Pool because the slides are slippery and you fall on the water. You can go again and again until you don’t want to go. It is fun!”
– Jessica Pacheco-Gutierr

“I’m thankful for the museums because they teach me about the ice age and which animals lived then. The first animal was the Trilobite. They also teach me about the rocks and minerals.”
– Meghan Mayfield

“My favorite place at the Orton Park Festival is the ice cream stand because I love ice cream. I also like to watch fireworks because they are pretty.”
– Torin Hanson

“I like being safe in Madison because it is the right thing to do. A lot of people want us to be safe. Doctors want us to be safe. Police want us to be safe. And firefighters want us to be safe. Barack Obama wants us to be safe. You should feel safe too because there are a lot of people around you that want you to feel safe.”
– Marjorie Cosme-Aguayo

“I’m thankful for Rhythm and Booms because we have lots of fun and see shaped and colorful fireworks. We put down a blanket and watch them. Before the fireworks my friends and I run up and down Demetral hill. We also play on the playground. We see people setting off firecrackers. We always bring water bottles so we don’t get thirsty. There are lots of different fireworks. There are even some that look like waterfalls.”
– Alexandra Peek

“The best part about living in Madison is my teacher. She is pretty and smart and fun to talk to. I feel safe around her! She is my idol besides my mom. She is the best teacher a girl could have!”
– Margaret Mc Kinley

“I am thankful for Halloween in Madison because I go trick or treating with my dad. I like to go shopping for my costume at Halloween Express. Halloween in Madison is always safe for kids. My dad and I get a lot of candy. The end.”
– Cassidy Evans

“I like my family. They are cool. I am thankful for my family because I love them and they love me too. I am also thankful for my family because they are nice. One day me and my family went to the carnival in Madison and we went on the Ferris wheel a lot of times. I hope we go again.”
– Stephanie Sanchez

Katie Vaughn is associate editor of Madison Magazine.

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