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We in the print and broadcast media long ago lost our sense of intimidation of the World Wide Web. Not that it always shows. For the most part, we’ve embraced the new technology, though with wildly varying results. In some cases we’re competing with it. In others we’re converging with it. The potential is limitless. And for those of us in the service journalism sector it’s all pretty darned exciting. But as always he/she who hesitates is lost and rest assured we here at Madison Magazine, along with you, our faithful readers, are moving forward full tilt boogie.

We already feature quite a bit of top-notch content at Associate editor Shayna Miller’s “Window Shopping” blog is one of the most influential retail guides in the city, and circulation editor Kent Palmer’s “Bottle Half-Full” blog is the authoritative guide to all things beer from a guy who knows. Then there’s our Dining Guide and our rich—and free—searchable magazine archives. We know that a fair number of you are already visiting our website for these services and more, so it just makes sense that we’d make it even more valuable with an exhaustive listing of events. And the reason that’s important is it gives us space in the magazine to highlight—in ways attractive and useful—selected concerts, exhibitions and shows in “Overtones.”

We know arts and entertainment coverage is one of the things you look for in your city magazine, and we have a responsibility to cover the arts and share the many ways they enrich our community and our lives. Now we’ll give you more information about the really outstanding A&E opportunities each month, and direct you to our website for a comprehensive listing of events and venues—plus we’ll introduce you to new blogs by our editors, videos and podcasts. That’s the kind of multi-media convergence you’re asking for and we can provide.

And yes, a lot of other folks are trying to do the same thing. As you read this The Capital Times is unveiling its new arts and entertainment weekly, competing with Isthmus and as well as with us and others. We’re all trying to find the best ways to serve you and our advertisers. Of course, we think we have a leg up with our magazine and website and our partnership with WISC-TV3 and, one of the best and most successful news websites in the country. It’s our challenge and our pleasure to use all these tools in our toolbox to share with you this city we both know and love.

It’s also awful nice to get a little outside recognition for the work we do for you. Once again this year groups that do this sort of thing have honored us. The Milwaukee Press Club gave us seven awards, including a couple to Frank Bures, one of our outstanding contributing writers. We also captured a second place in the prestigious Best Overall Design category and first place in Best Single Cover for art director Tim Burton’s February 2007 “Cheap Eats.” In fact, Tim took both first AND second places in that category. In Tim we have one of the most talented art directors in the country and we’re proud to have him. We also won two awards from the national City Regional Magazine Association—one called “Multimedia Extension” (there’s that relationship with WISC-TV and Channel3000) that featured our Going Green Wisconsin initiative, AND (drum roll, please) the other for “General Excellence.” That one means a lot to us. We share this in the hope you’ll celebrate with us. We’re in this together. Your city. Your magazine.

And please let us know what you think of our new additions. We want to make it easy for you to use our magazine and our website, and to move back and forth between the two. In the meantime, welcome to the Ultimate Guide, the perfect accompaniment to springtime in Madison.

Neil P. Heinen, Editorial Director
Comments and letters can be sent to P.O. Box 44965, Madison, WI 53744-4965 or e-mail Letters we publish may be edited for space and clarity.

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