Ask the Stylist

It’s so fun to sit down each year and get a quick behind-the-scenes peek with our favorite salon and spa professionals; what’s in, what’s out, must-have products and cutting edge services.

Danielle Kruger

Hairstylist, Alan Koa Salon Spa

Why you?
I build long-term relationships with my clients, and together we create a vision and direction. They leave the salon feeling confident about their look, and with the knowledge to recreate it at home.

Service most worth paying someone else to do for you?
Color. There are so many factors that go into a great color; complimenting skin tones, eye color and interaction with the cut. Great color can make you feel polished, refreshed and complete.

Which celebrity looks do clients ask for most often?
Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Kim Kardashian. I love asking my client which celebrity’s hair they desire. It provides insight and starts a successful consultation. 

Best part of your job?
I love that I can interact with people, set a goal and attain it. I feel most rewarded when clients tell me they have embraced their new style; they’re receiving compliments, styling at home and ultimately feeling good about themselves. 

Your on-the-job philosophy in one word?
Passionate. I truly enjoy my career as a hairstylist. Providing a high-quality experience to each individual client is my intention.


Hailey Leist

Hairstylist,  Alan Koa Salon

Why you?
I’m told clients enjoy my creativity and outgoing personality, which is a reflection of the passion that I have for this industry. 

Why Alan Koa?
Our motto is knowledge, passion, results. Our clients receive that with each visit surrounded by our warm, inviting, and classic environment.

Most requested style of 2011?
The bob worn by Victoria Beckham and Jenny McCarthy. This classic cut can be transformed into a modern look using different techniques.

Products you can’t live without?
I want my clients to have the knowledge of the products I use while styling their hair. My first favorites are the Kerastase Thermiques. They nourish and reconstruct, while allowing thermal protection. Second is Double Force hairspray for extra hold and protection. Lastly is Elixir Ultime for lasting shine.  

Most memorable moment?
A group of ladies asked if I’d help a friend going through a hard time. Her hair reached the middle of her back and was 75% grey. I cut and styled her with a chin-length bob and a rich, chocolate brown color. She looked 10 years younger and was overwhelmed with joy! That day I realized just how much I love my career.


Alicia Genthe

Master designer/owner, Texture Salon & Spa

Why you?
My clients appreciate my passion for continuing education. Our industry is continuously changing and it’s my responsibility to stay current. I fly to New York, Baltimore, and California for Bumble & Bumble and Goldwell Academy trainings annually.

Favorite new technique?
Butterfly Effect, perfect for all shades. It creates bursts of color that flow like the veins of a butterfly for visual intensity and high impact within a small area. 

Best part of your job?
Every day I’m able to empower men and women through their appearance. When someone feels confident in how they look, it reflects in every aspect of life.

When I pamper myself I splurge on…
A great haircut and color. Yes, you may love that rockin’ pair of jeans you pull out once a week, but shouldn’t you want that feeling every day?   

Favorite tool of the trade?
My foils! I’m able to customize each color to fit the guest’s unique needs.  

Favorite Beauty Tip?
Professional products. If you want to replicate your style at home, use what the stylist uses! Trust me!! 

Most popular request?
The gorgeous 70’s inspired blowout--now working its way across 2012’s looks—for a groomed, elegant, yet relaxed finish.


Lilian Trinko

Nail Technician and Aesthetician, Evensong Spa

Why you?
I pride myself on making people feel comfortable and cozy. I speak Spanish and English, travel extensively and can swap good stories, and have a big smile and a warm heart. 

Why Evensong?
There’s no place like home—but here you really do feel at home. It’s simple, modern, and warm, a quiet escape from the bustle of daily life. 

Products you can’t live without?
Three Kerstin Florian products: Correcting Serum C+ Infusion, Brightening Eye Cream, and Complete Daily Cleanser.

Trend predictions for 2012?
Last year I completed two advanced makeup courses in Madrid, Spain, where I noticed a trend toward bolder, shimmering techniques around the eyes. Some makeup lines are also perfecting products that work well for people with conditions such as rosacea or acne.  

When I pamper myself I splurge on….
Dinner with family and friends. One of my favorites is Grey Rock Mansion across the road, with its Wine Spectator-awarded list, sumptuous food, and sweeping views of Green Lake, perfect for pampering body and soul.   

Your on-the-job philosophy in one word?
Flow. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's concept of complete involvement and engagement is how I want to feel when working.


Will Kruckeberg

Massage therapist, Evensong Spa at Heidel House Resort

Why you?
My clients tell me they enjoy the flow and pressure of my technique. They appreciate that I listen to what they say and address those areas that they are concerned with. I also like to educate clients on techniques that they can do at work or home.

Why Evensong?
The moment you come through the front doors you’re overcome with a warm, calm, relaxing feeling. It’s the atmosphere of the spa with its oversized cushion chairs and roaring fireplace, and the steam room and waterfall hot tub in each locker room. People especially love walking our indoor Labyrinth. 

Trend predictions for 2012?
Modalities that allow clients to be comfortable, such as Thai massage and Reiki. Clients can come dressed in whatever they came to the spa in, without the hassle of disrobing or changing into a bathrobe.

Best part of your job?
I love seeing the expression on the clients’ faces as they walk out of the treatment room. Whether it be the refreshed look, the “I can take on the world” look, or the relaxed, dazed look.


Debi Offerdahl-Hull

Owner, Ultimate Spa & Salon

Three things most people don’t know about you?
My mom started Ultimate in 1981, and just three short years later I lost both my parents, together. That’s when I took over the salon at the age of 21. I’ve had very gray hair since my 20s, and I'll be 50 this year. After 13 years of being divorced, a year ago I got married to a great guy, Marty Hull. 

Products you can’t live without?
Women and men alike can’t get enough of the Moroccanoil products for amazing shine and luster. And the new Wet Brush detangles long hair painlessly. 

Best technique?
Clients tell me they’ve never had anybody cut long hair better than I do, and that reputation landed actress-singer Mandy Moore in my chair. She was visiting Madison and asked for the best person in town who cuts long hair. Afterward, she joked she was taking me back to L.A. with her!

Memorable on-the-job moment?
I was hired to style presidential candidate John Kerry and his wife, Teresa. She said to me, “He has a horse face, don't make his hair too poofy!” Then she walked away, leaving both of us speechless. I felt sorry for him, I could tell he felt insulted, and it made for quite an interesting two hours!


Teresa Thistle

Master Designer/Education Board Director, Ultimate Spa & Salon

Why you?
Clients appreciate my consistency and professional growth. I take pride in reinventing my techniques and style on a regular basis and truly listening to clients.

Why Ultimate Spa & Salon?
People can feel our warmth, friendliness, and team unity. They also love all the action, especially spotting the occasional celebrity; knowing we’re the exclusive salon for NBC-15 TV gives them confidence in our abilities.

Favorite service or technique?
I’m very passionate about cutting. Creating and personalizing a great cut is the perfect foundation for color placement. A strategically placed splash of color to complement a client’s features can add a lot of drama without a lot of color maintenance.

Love most about your job?
The clients. Everyone I see has something I can grow from personally and professionally, and helping them find solutions for everyday challenges is my ultimate reward.

Memorable on-the-job moment?
My advanced training in NYC at the Redken Exchange was amazing. It inspired me on so many levels to be my best and share techniques with others. Now I’m the Ultimate’s Educational Board Director, mentoring and teaching our design team.


Jennifer Kubly Hansen

Co-owner and stylist, William Jon Salon

Why William Jon?
We have great energy here, tremendous teamwork. With very low turnover and a lot of experience —many stylists have been here more than 10 years—we trust each other and take good care of clients together.

Trends for 2012?
Ombre color. It’s non-traditional highlighting, where we start darker at the base and fade out to the ends. It’s dimensional and rich, fun and non-traditional. Also Redken has a new non-ammonia color line coming out, healthier for hair.

Love most about your job?
Twenty years later I still can’t get over how much I love my job. I feel so honored to work with such wonderful people, both as guests, and also with an amazing team of stylists. I feel like I get to go and play every day and I’m so fortunate to be doing what I love!

Service most worth paying someone else to do?
Color. Things change so fast, and training and technique is key. Also, a great blowout gets a lot of mileage, especially for events or vacations. 

Favorite new service?
Shellac manicures by Creative, a long-lasting gel-like manicure. Also our new smoothing, anti-frizz treatments.


Michelle Long

Stylist & Extreme Expert, ANiU Salon & Spa

Why ANiU Salon?
Clients tell me they love to hear about the exceptional continuing education our staff receives! 

Products you can’t live without?
Shu Uemura Essence Absolue nourishing protecting oil, Kerastase Fibre Architecte for sealing and repairing damaged split ends, and Kerastase Ciment Thermique leave-in conditioner. 

Favorite service or technique?
Color has always been my favorite service but lately I have been adding hair extensions into a lot of my clients’ front sides of their hair. It adds fullness and extra body and they just love them! 

Love most about your job?
It’s really not work to me. Making people look good and feel good everyday is great fun, plus the young people I work with keep me feeling young! 

What is your most memorable on-the-job moment?
Giving hair extensions to a breast cancer client who was growing her hair back after chemotherapy. I put them in the front fringe and sides and gave her a completely different look! It was amazing. Her friends and doctors loved it, and it was so rewarding for me. 

When I pamper myself I splurge on...
Pedicures and massages!


Billie McKichan

Stylist, Body Waxing, & Make-up Artist, ANiU Salon & Spa

Why you?
I strive to make my clients feel beautiful and confident when they leave the salon. If I accomplish that they have a reason to visit me again. 

Why ANiU?
We give our clients a very intimate, luxurious experience, and they love the special treatment they receive when they visit. 

Products you can’t live without?
Kerastase shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. Clients feel a difference with the first use and they create such a beautiful, healthy look!

What surprised you this year?
Bangs are back! I always tell clients looking for something different to try out a bang. It allows for a new look without dramatically changing the style, and they all turn out so different!  

Favorite service or technique?
Balayage is a highlighting technique that produces a gorgeous, sun-kissed look so natural and unique. It really is an art form.  

Love most about your job?  
It’s so rewarding to make clients look and feel great about themselves, to maybe make their day or week a little better. I’m so lucky I get to come to work and do something I love.


Kate Wiebe

Stylist, Facial Waxing & Nails, ANiU Salon & Spa

Products you can’t live without at home?
Blowdryer (my hair is not appropriate air-dried!), concealer (I have a new baby!) and Kerastase Fibre Architecte for split ends—it’s basically Botox for the hair! 

Most requested service this year?
Hombre/Balayage: Deeper base color gradually becoming lighter towards the ends. (Think Victoria’s Secret model highlights.) 

Trends for 2012?
Long hair is in, movement is back. You’ll see beach-y waves, grown out bangs, low maintenance but high performance cuts and colors.

Celebrity look clients request most often?
Donald Trump. Haha, not really. I can’t name one that stood out this year, but I do think it’s vital to keep up on current trends. This award season is a fun way to forecast for clients what will be hot in 2012.  

Memorable on-the-job moment?
I had a client from Seattle in town for transplant surgery at UW Hospital. She’d been away from home several months and was severely ill. After highlights and a great cut, her smile was priceless. I was honored to help her feel better!


Lacey Lange

Stylist, ANiU Salon & Spa

Why you?
My clients tell me I give them exactly what they are looking for, that I listen and truly care how they look when they leave my chair. 

Three products you can’t live without?
Shu Uemura Essence Absolue, L’Oreal Professionnel Texture Expert Infinium 3 Hair Spray, and Label.m Blow Out Spray. (I’m so excited about the new Label.m line, this spray leaves hair so soft and flexible, with great hold!) 

Most requested look this year?
Natural, sun-kissed color.

Trends for 2012?
Placement color, French twist updos, long and bouncy blowouts, and short, messy bobs. 

Favorite service?
The INOA color line by L’Oreal Professionnel. It leaves my clients’ hair very healthy, shiny, and odorless, with 100% grey coverage!   

What do you love most about your job?
I love when my clients say they were so excited and couldn’t wait to come visit me! It makes their day and mine. I also love giving people beautiful hair. You wear it everyday, it’s very important to take care of it!  

When I pamper myself I splurge on…
My hair! I just got extensions this year and I love them!

- Maggie Ginsberg-Schutz




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