The Jig is Up

The Currach honors Irish musical traditions

When the workweek ends and it’s time to start the weekend, The Currach is ready to ease that transition. Every Friday at 5:30, the trio (and usually a few friends) sets up near the bar at Brocach and welcomes visitors with lively jigs and reels—“the stuff that’s been played in Irish pubs for hundreds of years,” says fiddler Daithi Wolfe. Darl Ridgely, Josh Perkins and Wolfe have been jamming together for years—at Brocach for five and at the Coopers Tavern on Mondays for one. On St. Patrick’s Day, catch ’em at the Harmony Bar.

Katie Vaughn is associate editor of Madison Magazine. Find more arts and entertainment coverage in profiles and the Liberal Arts column.



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