June in Wisconsin means that summer is completely present. This poem compares the concept of beauty to all the loveliness of a majestic swan. Did you know that both swans and beauty really do fly? — Fabu


Like a swan in blue water,

You make me stare

And breathe deep.

Thinking of your gliding grace

The ease of your landing,

Making so few ripples and splashes

Reducing my words to ashes.

Holding your head high

Paddling smoothly

With storm clouds overhead

Your features tight against you

With wind all around

White as falling snow,

Fresh like leaves of mint,

Pure as rain water,

Touched only by the stars.

Surely, if you fly away

It will be a sad day.

Black tar will fill my heart

Until it stops and won’t start.

Mick Joyce is a freelance writer and planning consultant living in Madison. He has authored many essays, technical articles and Bent, a volume of poetry. In his poetry he tries to breaks social norms, stereotypes and idiosyncratic hang-ups.

Fabu is Madison's Poet Laureate. Adult poets are invited to submit poems of twenty lines or less to for possible publication in Madison Magazine.

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