The More, the Merrier

Photograph by Martha Busse

Rick Flowers is hard to pinpoint musically. Name a genre, an instrument, a band, a venue—he’s probably experienced most of ’em.

Being eclectic comes naturally to Flowers. He learned saxophone as a child, then took up drums in college at UW–Madison. The switch wasn’t difficult, he says. “I had an understanding of rhythm, of music,” he says. “I had the music in me.”

As owner of Floroq Productions and the R Place on Park bar, Flowers knows Madison’s music scene well. His concern is kids. Cuts in school music programs have killed not their passion for music, but access to it, he says. “They’re still going to have that expression, but they don’t know how to play an instrument.”

Flowers would like to see youth embrace a diversity of musical styles. Hip-hop has a place, he says, but so do jazz, gospel, classical and soul.

Inclusiveness is a primary consideration as Flowers plans some of the musical entertainment for the Juneteenth Day Celebration, held June 14 at Madison’s Penn Park. He wants to showcase many genres while appealing to all ages and tastes. A challenge, to be sure. But he’s optimistic.

“It’s going to be great this year,” Flowers says. “It’s going to bridge different ranges from old school and gospel to hip-hop and jazz.”

Madison Magazine - June 2008


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