Celebrate the Dates

No more rubber chicken! Senior food/dining contributing writer Nancy Christy and I address that lament in this month’s “Genuine Articles.” There are a lot of reasons it’s an important topic to us, and one of them is the fact that we go to a lot of events. We all do. And while we might take issue with the quality of the food served, we celebrate the events themselves. Really.

It might sometimes seem like as a community we are on the verge of event overload. But how can you quarrel with a place to live that has so many good people doing so many good things so worthy of recognition and support that we need a special calendar just to keep track of all the awards, benefits, celebrations and galas that fill our year January through December?

As you know, we produce just such a calendar. Tucked inside these pages is our fourth semi-annual guide to fundraising events in the area. It’s called the Madison Datebook, and you can also find it online at madisonmagazine.com. For a lot of you the immediacy of a regularly updated web version is even more important than the printed version. But we’re also planning on turning the published Datebook into a quarterly since it’s become a pretty handy little resource to keep on the desk next to the dayminder or weekminder or whatever you use to keep track of the important stuff. And we do have an awful lot of good things happening in our midst; a lot of generous people who genuinely care about the welfare of everyone in this community.

One of the aspects of this we find especially meaningful is the role businesses play in the equation. Our high ratio of nonprofit agencies to population is often lauded. We have great agencies with very skilled people doing good work. But as we page through the Datebook, we’re also struck by the dozens of businesses that have partnered with these agencies and the thousands of volunteers these businesses contribute. This commitment of resources—dollars, to be sure—but more often time and energy and, occasionally, sweat, is the real foundation of philanthropy. Its abundance is why we need a Datebook to keep track of it all. And we want to salute the sponsors, supporters, advertisers and in-kind contributors who make our community so rich in the kinds of fundraising success our Datebook is designed to help you keep apprised of. We think there’s enough support from our outstanding business community that you can look forward to an updated Datebook as fresh as the four seasons in which it will appear.

This month, as has become our tradition, we also recognize those whose lives include breast cancer. I personally believe that would mean all of us. Every June, as I read associate editor Jennifer Garrett’s deeply meaningful reporting on this epidemic, I reflect on the friends and colleagues who live with breast cancer and on the loss of those who have died of the disease. This year it is also important that we acknowledge the anniversaries. It’s the tenth anniversary of the Breast Cancer Recovery Foundation and the Madison chapter of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. You’ll find our tribute to BCRF founder Ann Haney inside. We miss her. A lot. You’ll find race details as well.

Another organization celebrating its first decade of service is the Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation. The growth in size, influence and impact of the WWHF, under the leadership of former First Lady Sue Ann Thompson, is extraordinary. Every time I’m with Sue Ann I am so impressed with her commitment, energy and vision. She has made Wisconsin a healthier state for women and, along with the BCRF and Komen, a more hopeful state. We hope that in the Datebook and the breast cancer stories in this month’s Madison Magazine you’ll find the same inspiration we felt in putting them together.

Neil P. Heinen, Editorial Director Comments and letters can be sent to P.O. Box 44965, Madison, WI 53744-4965 or e-mail: nheinen@madisonmagazine.com. Letters we publish may be edited for space and clarity.

Madison Magazine - June 2007
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