Adventures in Adulthood

Emails chronicle the post-grad experiences of two friends


When Jessica Pan and Rachel Kapelke-Dale graduated from Brown University, they made a promise—to stay in touch and be truthful in their correspondence. Because otherwise, as Rachel put it, what’s the point?

Jess heads to Beijing and later Melbourne, Rachel to New York City and then Paris. Their emails over their first few years in the real world chronicle their jobs, friendships, romances, living situations and other milestones in the tumultuous transition from college life to young adulthood.

And these back-and-forth messages serve as the contents of Graduates in Wonderland (Gotham Books, 2014). The pair’s epistolary novel is a fun read for recent grads—and anyone who’s passionate about travel or a believer in the power of female friendships.

Katie Vaughn is managing editor of Madison Magazine. 



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