My Walking Inspiration

Jolieth McIntosh, a transplanted Madisonian from Jamaica, began writing poems and children’s short stories at an early age. Her poems are centered around her culture and nature as well as other subjects. When Jolieth is not writing, she loves to walk and that is how this poem came to be written. — Fabu

My Walking Inspiration

Gentle breeze,
I want to wrap you around my body,
like a mother wraps her baby.
Your breath injects energy within me.
I feel to fly like a bird,
ance like a butterfly,
gallop like a horse
and hop like a rabbit.
‘I’m Happy,’ springs the song in my heart.

Tulips, grape hyacinth and yellow jonquil,
so calm, yet alive you are.
Red maple, oak and champion trees,
so strong and sturdy you stand.

Nature friends,
even away from you,
I can still feel your energy.
Even away from you,
I can still see your loveliness.

Nature friends,
you are my walking inspiration.

Fabu is Madison's Poet Laureate. Adult poets are invited to submit poems of twenty lines or less to for possible publication in Madison Magazine.

Audio productions provided courtesy of Haggar Audio.

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