Path to the Future

Pat Schramm is this year's Brian Howell Excellence in Innovation Award winner

Innovation in business should be boundary-less. The late Brian Howell certainly defined it that way when he promoted, as editor of this magazine, the role of the business community in greater Madison’s quality of life. That innovation extends well beyond technology transfer and product development. Madison’s growing importance as a center of research, development and manufacturing in the fields of biotechnology, science, medical devices, information technology and more is dependent on a skilled workforce. While we rightly pay attention to the importance of infrastructure and capital, education and training for workers in new economy jobs are essential. Pat Schramm’s leadership of the Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin, and in particular her role in creating the WIRED Initiative and Industry Partnerships and Career Pathways models, is exactly the commitment to innovation at the heart of the Brian Howell Excellence in Innovation Award.

Neil Heinen is editorial director of Madison Magazine



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