Where Are They Now?

Thirty-five local icons and how they made history

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Tammy Baldwin

July 1994, November 1995, November 1996, July 1998, August 1999 (cover), March 2009, July 2012 

With a warm manner and killer political instincts, soft-spoken Tammy Baldwin is a Madison native who graduated from West and earned a UW law degree. Only twenty-three when elected to the Dane County Board, Baldwin went on to become the first openly gay woman in the State Assembly and, in 1998, to win election to the U.S. House of Representatives. Late last year she bested Tommy Thompson, long known as the most popular Republican politician in Wisconsin, in a bruising statewide race. The result?  Our Ms. Baldwin just broke another record to become the first woman U.S. Senator in Wisconsin history. 


Butch Vig, Duke Erikson, Steve Marker

November 1993, November 1994, November 1998, May 2001 (cover)

The band, comprised of three of Madison’s favorite sons and a singer from Scotland named Shirley Manson, is back with a new album, Not Your Kind of People. The band made a special appearance in Madison last August at a new outdoor music festival called “Pondamonium,” located in the Madison Mallards baseball stadium. At press time, Vig, Erikson and Marker—and Manson, of course—had just played the ninety-ninth show on a tour that’s taken them to Europe, Asia and beyond.

“We’re pretty excited that we were gone for seven years and, now that we’re back, I think we have even a bigger fan base,” says Vig, who lives in L.A. with his wife and daughter. “All our shows have been sold out. Some of the people at the shows now probably weren’t even born when our first album came out. And we’ll be playing and they not only know all the words to the new album, they know all the words to the older songs.”

Al Toon

August 1988 (cover), October 1994 (cover)

Al Toon played UW football from 1981 to 1984, during which time he rewrote the program’s entire receiving recordbook. In fact, there was a time when Toon owned the records for most yards, most receptions, and most touchdown catches. He still ranks fourth or fifth in school history in those categories. (And he would rank even higher, but his son, Nick, recently set a couple Badger football records of his own.) The New York Jets picked Toon up in the first round of the 1985 pro football draft; he made All-Pro and Pro-Bowl three times, led the league in receptions, and was named AFC Player of the Year in 1986. Now retired from football, Toon was back in town in plenty of time to watch Nick play for the Badgers and go on to his own pro football career. These days, Toon and his wife, Jane, who are parents of three daughters—Kirby, Molly and Sydney are awesome athletes in their own right as volleyball players—in addition to Nick, live in Madison, where Toon manages investments and sells real estate with Bunbury and Associates. 

Greg Doby

May 2004, May 2008

During his career in music, Greg Doby sojourned to big markets like Atlanta and New York to make it as a hip-hop producer. Happily, he has always returned to his hometown of Madison. Doby founded and ran Regime Records from 1997 to 2006, working with several local artists and some bigger names. In 2004 he produced Lloyd Banks’ platinum-selling release, “Karma,” and he is still producing today. He was named “most influential” at the 2012 Madison Hip-Hop Awards; this year, he’s also teaching music production at the Boys & Girls Club.

Lisa Bayne

July 2008

In 2008 when Lisa Bayne was asked to become CEO of Artful Home, the popular business for artists and consumers that today features 14,000 original works from 1,000 artists, the company was losing money on its catalog and online gallery. Also—slight problem—Bayne lived in San Francisco and the company was based in Madison. But she took on the challenge with gusto. Last year, while still commuting between the two cities, Bayne led Artful Home (originally founded by well-known Madisonian Toni Sikes as The Guild in 1985) to its first profitable year, with new revenues driven by artfulhome.com and the company’s venture into selling artist-designed apparel. 

Joe Parisi

November 1996

Joe Parisi is one of those only-in-Madison people we love to write about. As in, only in Madison would a local suburban kid grow up to become the drummer in one of the most popular homegrown bands the city has ever seen (that would be Honor Among Thieves and back then he was known as “Pepo”) … and then pursue a serious-minded career in politics. Parisi was elected Dane County Clerk in 1996, elected to the State Assembly in 2004 and elected Dane County Executive in 2011. He’s big on jobs, clean energy, safety nets and lakes; perhaps more importantly, Parisi is currently one of the few politicians in the area to receive compliments from both sides of the aisle.


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