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Madisonians pop the question

The Question

105.5 Triple M’s morning co-host Jonathan Suttin proposes to his sweetheart Lindsay Kohn Madison-style

Says Jonathan: I had been planning to surprise Lindsay on the last night of Hanukkah.

Says Lindsay: I was instructed to come from work promptly and dress up for a night out.

J: Lindsay moved here from Portland, Oregon, just a few months ago and I wanted the night to be very Madison.

L: We drove downtown to the Madison Club. Our menus were customized with “Welcome Lindsay & Jonathan” at the top. I was very impressed and thought they ran a top-notch service with all these personal touches. I wasn’t suspecting anything that was to come.

J: “Did you notice the menus?” I asked. Lindsay said, “Do they do that for everyone?” I started to wonder if she was on to me.

L: After a fantastic meal Jonathan said he was going to the restroom. About five minutes later the hostess delivered a fancy note to me: “Lindsay, I often say the best is yet to come. Tonight it is true. Please head downstairs. Love, Jonathan.”

J: Once she arrived downstairs there was a limo driver holding a sign with her name on it. I had instructed the driver not to tell her anything but, “Jonathan wanted you to go for a ride.”

L: I couldn’t believe it when I saw a black stretch limo pull up. The driver opened my door and as I peered in I saw that Jonathan wasn’t in there. I couldn't imagine what was going on. The driver wouldn’t give me any clues. He just kept saying Jonathan had asked him to take me for a drive.

J: While she was on her joy ride around our beautifully lit Capitol, I was at the Mansion Hill Inn making final preparations.

L: A few minutes later we pulled up to the Mansion Hill Inn. The driver walked me to the door and rang the doorbell.

J: The innkeeper greeted Lindsay at the door and brought her to a two-room suite. There were rose petals on the floor and candles all around the room. Lindsay was instructed to watch a DVD.

L: The woman hit play and then left room. As I watched a montage of photos of Jonathan and me it was finally clear to me what was about to happen. Tears were streaming down my face as I saw all the pictures of our year together.

J: The video was set to Rhett Miller’s “The Question,” which includes the line, “Someday someone may ask you a question that you should say yes to once in your life, baby tonight I’ve got a question for you.”

L: After the video ended he came through the bedroom door with the ring box in his hand.

J: She was crying and I have to admit I got a little choked up as well.

L: He got down on one knee and I could barely stop crying enough to say, “Yes!”

J: Despite all the planning, I didn’t really have an engagement speech prepared but at this point it didn’t really seem to matter and most importantly she said, “Yes!”

L: We toasted with champagne and dessert. I could not get over his flawless execution of such an elaborate proposal. It was perfect!

The happy couple plan to say “I do” in Madison this summer.

PHOTO: Styling by Shayna Miller. Credits: Photo by Kyla Schuttemeier. On Lindsay: Sue Wong cocktail dress, $375, Woldenberg’s, and Zigi Soho Gloria satin platform sandal, $49.95, DSW. On Jonathan: Calvin Klein jacket ($275) and pants ($120), Geoffrey Beene
dress shirt, $49.50, and Bocara silk tie, $39.50, all from Jazzman.


Sarah & Matt Miller

Mt. Horeb (as told by Sarah Miller)

I hate the heat, that’s just who I am. So when I came home the evening of June 5, 2008, I was sweaty and miserable. Matt, my live-in boyfriend of nearly four years, wanted to go fishing. He said, “I have a new lure I want to show you.” I told him, frankly, that I wasn’t interested in being anywhere without air conditioning. He shrugged, and I got in the shower. When I finished, I pulled back the curtain, only to see Matt rounding the corner of the bathroom carrying his fishing pole. He said, “I told you I wanted to show you this new lure.” A sparkling diamond ring dangled from the end of his line. The truth is he’d hooked me years earlier, so it was simple: yes.






Dave & Kary Beck Middleton

(as told by Kary Beck)

My first wedding at Madison’s Christ Presbyterian in 1981 was typical of a young couple fresh out of college. It was my second that was unique. For our twentieth anniversary my husband took me to Edinburgh, Scotland. We had never been to Europe and didn’t even own passports. The minister left us a message at the hotel saying that he wanted to meet us before the ceremony. We met at his home during tea. He sternly told us that he wasn’t some tourist attraction and refused to stand on some hilltop in a kilt shouting out a marriage ceremony. He said if we were serious about our marriage and he deemed that it was going to last he would remarry us. The next day we met at the famous Canongate Kirk where he had written a special liturgy just for us that not only renewed our vows but included special prayers for our family. Afterward Dave bought me a gold ring designed with the traditional Luckenbooth brooch wedding pattern and we ate the best salmon I’ve ever had.


Efrem Jasso & Jennifer Smith

Madison (as told by the couple)

Eleven years ago after a couple of so-so blind dates, Efrem Jasso, a then thirty-year-old single techy made a joke to some friends that he was going to “setup a web site and market (himself) as available” on the dating scene. A friend went along with the joke and asked if Jasso would call the site “ineedawife.com.” He did, and despite not being serious about looking for a wife online, Jasso wound up getting over 44,000 e-mails, and as a result of a lot of media attention, he wound up meeting the love of his life, Jennifer Smith. He proposed to her on the mountain outside her grandmother’s house in northern England (called The Knot) while she was sitting in a pile of sheep dung wearing a hat with earflaps. They married in 2001, are still happily married to this day and have a soon-to-be seven year old son.

Brennan Nardi is editor of Madison Magazine.



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