Inka Heritage

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- Appetizer -

Esmeralda's Ceviche
A specialty dish of simple elegance: sea bass and shrimp marinated in a perfect balance of key lime juice
& chili pepper, garnished with cilantro, red onions & sweet glazed potatoes.

Frito Trujillano
Aromatic broiled pork in smoky red pepper sauce served with fried yucca.

Machupichu Causa (can also subsitute a veggie option)
A traditional mashed potato preparation, flavored with key lime juice, basil, spinach, dill
and pressed with crab. Garnished with tomatoes and basil salsa.

- Entrees -

Saltado Inka (Can also substitute a veggie option)
Bite sized beef tenderloin stir-fried with onion, tomatoes, and cilantro accompanied with tacu-tacu
(griddled rice and lentil pancake)

Salmon Chorrilano
Grilled salmon flavored with fine spices & covered with pickled onions. Smothered in
chili red pepper. Served with white rice.

Lasagna de Aji de Pollo
Pasta layers with tender shredded chicken breast in creamy yellow chili pepper, parmesan cheese.
Garnished with confit red pepper. 

- Dessert -

Esmeralda's cake
A traditional Peruvian wedding cake. Made with chopped dried fruits, nuts, spices & a touch
of pisco. Covered with a dulce de leche fondant. 

Peruvian cookie filled with suspiro a la limena. Garnished with a passion fruit and chocolate ganache.

Torta helada de pina
Three layers of cake, coconut dacquoise, sponge cake & creamy mousse pineapple.
Garnished with a reduction of chica morada. 

Pick one of each for a $15 Lunch per person. Beverage, tax, and gratuity not included. No splitting or sharing.

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