Capilia Hair Loss Solutions' Packages 

Pure Care Package: For cleansing and detoxifying the scalp: $79

Deep cleaning of the scalp and hair to eliminate impurities and residues left by gel, mousse, hairspray and other styling products that, in the long term, suffocate the hair follicles. Such deposits must be removed regularly to ensure optimal capillary health.

Glam Care: For star quality hair: $89

The par excellence care needed to revive your hair to all its beauty, shine, vitality and volume. Hydrates and restores flexibility to hair shafts and ends that are damaged by aggresive chemical processes or by the repeated use of hairstyling techniques and tools. Ideal for special occasions or simply to revitalize your hair and pamper yourself.

Dolce Vita Care: For an irritated or sensitive scalp: $89

A true hydration bath that relieves an itchy scalp and calms sensitive skin. This deep hydration provides immediate well-being and pure comfort.

Seasonal Care: For seasonal shedding season: $79

A vitamin cure that promotes regrowth of new hair during the spring and autumn shedding seasons. This seasonal cleaning eliminates weak or dead hair leaving room for new growth. A veritable capillary beauty pack, this care treatment acts like a facial, creating the optimal environment for the healthy growth of your hair. An absolute must, twice a year.

An April Spa, Salon & Wellness month BONUS: With the purchase of any Scalp Treatment receive $20.00 worth of products FREE to keep your scalp & hair healthy & happy!

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