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On Wisconsin

On Wisconsin

For the first time in a long time folks are muttering about the status of a University of Wisconsin football coach.

January 2009

The Blame Game

A rant on who's really to blame for the financial crisis.

November 2008

The World and the Woods

Will Internet installation disturb the cabin's peaceful atmosphere?

October 2008

Thank-You Note

John Roach writes a letter to Senator Barack Obama, commending him on his candidacy.

July 2008

Death By Laughter

A book on Chris Farley prompts a discussion on the place of alcohol in Madison culture.

June 2008

A Safer Madison

Let's make our Isthmus safe again.

May 2008

The Problem With Hillary

Roach sounds of on the Bush-Clinton-Bush-(Clinton?) cycle.

April 2008

A Warm Glow

How global warming will bring great things- like fewer hands lost to snowblowers- to Wisconsin.

January 2008

Laughing Through Christmas

The many ways John Roach's family helps him get through the holidays.

December 2007

Frank Discussion

October 2007


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