Revamp Your Look With These Four Mini-Makeovers

Hello, holiday get-togethers: time to spice up your routine!

Xtreme Lashes

Where we tried it: Papillon Beauty
What it is: Synthetic eyelashes that are hand applied by a trained technician to give you fuller, luscious-looking lashes. The lashes stay on for four to six weeks—until your natural lashes grow out.
How it’s done: Customers lie down on a massage table and the technician cleanses and primes the eye area. The process takes about two hours during which each synthetic lash is applied individually. A medical-grade adhesive is used to ensure the lashes stay on for weeks.
Beauty notes: Customers receive instructions afterward on how to care for the lashes (avoiding moisture for the first forty-eight hours is one such caveat). We were shocked, though, at our before and after photos (shown)—these lashes really do deliver on their promise of fuss-free, natural-looking
Time: 2+ hours
Cost: $300



Where we tried it: Alan Koa Salon Spa
What it is: Billed as the facial for busy people, this treatment only takes thirty minutes. It’s also popularly called the “red-carpet facial” because it’s great to do right before a special event or if you want to test the waters with a gentler facial.
How it’s done: Customers lie down on a massage table and an esthetician works a wand-type device over the face and neck (it’s not painful). Three different serums are used throughout the facial: a deep cleanse, an exfoliant and moisturizing solutions.
Beauty notes: Your face will look more luminous than ever—smooth and well rested. This facial is also superb since there’s literally no downtime at all—that means no flaking or redness like you can experience after microdermabrasion or a laser peel.
Time: 30 minutes
Cost: $100


Featherlocks Hair Extensions

Where we tried it: Texture Salon & Spa
How it’s done: The hairstylist threads a small bit of hair through a bead using a loop. Then the feather extension is threaded through the bead and a small pliers is used to close the bead securely,
keeping the extension firmly clamped on the hair. Clients can pick from up to ten colors (pink, peacock and white with stripes are a few options) for variety. Look for tinsel extensions that the salon will have in by the holidays for a sparklier look.
Beauty notes: Amazingly, the extensions last up to eight weeks, and can be washed, dried, flat-ironed and curled—like normal hair. It’s non-damaging to the hair and adds just a bit of fun to your usual style.
Time: 5 minutes
Cost: $12 per extension

Aveda Color Glossing

Where we tried it: Studio 262 Salon
What it is: A demipermanent gloss that’s applied to color-treated or non-color-treated hair to amp up shine.
How it’s done: The stylist starts with a relaxing scalp massage with Aveda oils. Clients can then choose the gloss treatment for shine or can opt to have a warm or cool pigment added, which can boost warm shades in hair or minimize golden tones. The solution is applied for ten minutes to damp hair, rinsed and then hair is styled afterward as a bonus service.
Beauty notes: This is a fantastic service if you’re attending a special event and want shiny hair. It’s ideal for those who don’t want to color their hair but want to add some oomph to their locks. The treatment eventually rinses out after a few weeks.
Time: 50 minutes (includes styling time afterward)
Cost: $30–$40

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