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Stress Less Health Fair


Apr 22, 2014 to May 27, 2014
07:00 PM


Stress Less Health Fair

“Stress Less Health Fair: Ways to Stay Happy and Healthy”

At: Waunakee Public Library, 710 South St., Waunakee (608)849-4217

All presentations take place at 7:00 p.m.

Schedule of Events

April 22, 2014  “Labyrinths: Ancient Tools for Modern Times

Presenter: Beth Morley has been a registered nurse for nearly 30 years and is a
Reiki Master-Teacher as well as a certified Renewing Life group
facilitator.  She is a Veriditas-certified Labyinth Facilitator and is
active in bringing the labyrinth to the University of Wisconsin School
of Education twice a year. 

Program Description: Labyrinths are among the oldest man-made tools that encourage
reflection, contemplation, and transformation.  As long ago as 4,000
to 5,000, our ancestors used the shape through the ages and left a
legacy of labyrinth artifacts that continue to capture our
imaginations today. Take an inner journey of healing toward personal
well-being and renewal of spirit by walking the labyrinth.

April 29, 2014  “Connecting with Thai: Thai Yoga Bodywork”

Presenter: Sara Cotton Butler is an individual yoga instructor eRYT, Asian Theory and Techniques instructor LMT, registered Thai therapist RTT. She holds a BA in English and MA in Library Science and Information Studies. Drawing upon her vision, extensive knowledge of diverse techniques, she provides expert pressure and leverage.

Program Description: Cultivate your connection with movement.  Learn new ways to move your body to ease your mind.  In this session we will experience partner stretches and techniques to improve our ability to relax. This is a sophisticated approach to relieve the tight grip of accumulated stress and tension.

Thai yoga massage is simple. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes, and bring a mat if you have one. As Sara likes to point out, Gravity is the real equipment.

May 6, 2014  “Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Wellness Enhancement”

Presenter: Scott Andersen is the director of Mindful Connections, LLC

Program Description:  Learn more about mindfulness and how it is being utilized by organizations such as Google, the American Red Cross, and the U.S. Marines, to reduce stress, mitigate the effects of physical and psychological disease, and cultivate wellness.  Throughout the program we will enjoy the opportunity to explore formal and informal mindful awareness practices that include, the Mindful Check In, Mindful Movement & the Body Scan.  We will also touch on summaries of the most significant scientific research that has been published over the last thirty years documenting the benefits of mindfulness. 

May 13, 2014  “Relaxing Into the Shimmy: Belly Dance as a Stress Reliever”

Presenter: Seana Dishun of Euphoria Movement Arts Studio has a bachelor's degree in dance from UW-Madison; over 30 years dance experience - 20 years in belly dance; Teaching professionally since 2004; Solo performer since 2001; Co-founded the nationally acclaimed tribal belly dance company Blue Lotus Tribe of Chicago in 2001; founded Ashar Dance Company, Madison's premier award-winning theatrical belly dance company in 2006; Resident Guest Artist at Beloit College in 2008; Opened Euphoria Movement Arts Studio in 2011.

Program Description - The quintessential belly dance move - the shimmy - is achieved not from muscle tension, but mainly through relaxation. People all over the world are discovering the many mental health benefits belly dance has to offer. Belly dance started out as a folk dance, which means it is accessible to regular people of any age, size, or shape. It fully engages both mind and body simultaneously, promoting healthy body image, connectedness to self and full presence in the moment.
Come see how shimmying (and other belly dance moves) can melt away the barrier of our daily cares and let our spirits soar.

May 20, 2014  “Bringing Calm to Chaos”

Presenter:  Clutter Confidant, Becky Olson, Professional Organizer

Program Description: What area of your home or office comes to mind when I say clutter?  Did you know your physical blood pressure goes up when you walk into a room full of clutter?  What is the pay-off of clutter?  There is nothing healthy about it.  However the payoff for getting organized is all positive.  You save time, energy, and money therefore relieving your stress.  Your home should be your sanctuary.   Your office should be a productive and yes peaceful place to work.  I will teach you simple tools to become organized and stay organized. 

May 27, 2014  “Make Your Own Stress Relief Medicine with Qigong!”

Presenter:  Phyllis Lobdell is a certified teacher (CT) of qigong through the Instituteof Integral Qigong and Tai Chi, Santa Barbara, CA.  She is also a certified by the American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia as a practitioner (CP) of Zen Shiatsu. Phyllis’s academic education and work has been in the field of education, receiving a doctorate of education (Ed.D.) from Auburn University, AL

Program Description: Qigong is a gentle, but profound exercise practiced for thousands of years in China for longevity and self-healing. “Qi” refers to the energy that is expressed in our physical, mental, and emotional life.  “Gong” means to work or cultivate.  So, qigong is about working with our energy in ways that help us to let go of stress and to relax, which allows the body’s healing resources to kick in.  The exercise program integrates gentle movement, breath work, self-massage, and mind focus.  It is very easy to follow.  No pressure!  Tai Chi is one of the well-known forms of qigong so we’ll incorporate some graceful and easy Tai Chi gestures.  You’ll leave with some stress relief tools that you can use at your office, home, or even in the car to keep stressful energy from settling into your body.  Wear comfortable, loose clothing.

This program has been funded in part by a grant from the Alliant Energy Foundation, and by the Friends of Waunakee Public Library

Cost $no cost

Waunakee Public Library
710 South St.
Waunakee, WI
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Additional Information

For more information:

Alliant Energy Foundation and Friends of Waunakee Public Library

Telephone: 608-849-4217
Contact name: Gay Strandemo


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