Q: Can anyone nominate his or her company?
A: Yes, anyone can nominate their company, but only authorized contacts can finalize the registration process. Authorized contact people are usually the CEO, head of Human Resources or Marketing, who can receive official correspondence about the awards and distribute the all-important survey link to all employees.

Q: What types of employees are eligible to participate in the survey?
A: Full-time employees, part-time employees, temporary or seasonal employees (full or part-time), independent contractors, board members

Q: How do I nominate my company?
A: Easy! CLICK HERE to register/nominate your company.

Q: Can I nominate another company?
A: We like your spirit, and recommend that you send the nomination form to someone who works at the company you’d like to nominate, so that they can fill out the nomination form for themselves.

Link to nomination form: www.madisonmagazine.com/bptw

Q: What’s the deadline for nomination?
A: We must receive your completed nomination (by an authorized contact person) by OCTOBER 1, 2013.

Q: What’s the charge?
A: It’s free!

Q: Does my company have to be located in Madison to be eligible?
A: No. Any company in Dane, Sauk, Columbia, Dodge, Jefferson, Rock, Green, or Iowa counties is eligible to compete in Madison Magazine’s Best Places to Work.

Q: Why should my company compete in Madison Magazine’s Best Places to Work competition?
A: If you’re a great place to work, this is a great way to get (free) publicity and recognition! Madison Magazine is the region’s most widely read business and lifestyle magazine, giving you amazing exposure in the region. Whether you win or not, you have the opportunity to learn from your survey results, to become an even better place to work.

Q: How do you decide who’s the best?
A: Next Generation Consulting (NGC) uses a survey tool that measures companies in six areas: Trust, Development, Connection, Management, Rewards, and Life-Work Balance. Employees’ responses to questions help NGC determine which Madison workplaces really are the best!

Q: Who exactly is Next Generation Consulting, anyway?
A: Next Generation Consulting is a local research and consulting firm committed to work primarily with companies who want to become great places to work for the next generation, cities that want to attract and keep young professionals. In other words, they’re experts on what makes a workplace great. Madison Magazine has worked with them for the last four Best Places to Work competitions, and is thrilled to be working with them on this one. (To learn more about Next Generation Consulting, click here)

Q: What happens after I nominate my company?
A: If you’re not an authorized contact person, we will ask you to provide the name and email of someone who has authority to provide information about your company, and AUTHORITY TO distribute the email and survey to all employees. They fill out the requested information. Then your AUTHORIZED contact person receives another email from us, including a link to the Best Places to Work employee survey. When your contact person receives that email, they are instructed to forward the link via email to all employees. Responses to the employee survey must be received by OCTOBER 18, 2013. 

Q: How long is the survey?
A: The survey is approximately 40 questions, and takes most employees between 12 and 16 minutes to complete.

Q: Is the survey only available online?
A: Yes, the survey is a web-based survey. The link to the survey is sent via email from our offices to your contact person.

Q: Only some of our employees have email access. How can we make sure that everyone takes the survey?
A: There are three options: (1) the employees who do not have computer access at work can take the survey in a place where they do have web access, e.g. home, library, etc. OR (2) they can take the survey from a co-worker’s computer. Our survey is enabled to accept multiple responses from one computer. OR (3) If you are interested in receiving a copy of the paper-based version of this survey and your firm is willing to input staff responses, please contact Marti at mr@nextgenerationconsulting.com.

Q: Will awards be made according to company size?
A: The last time Madison Magazine conducted a Best Places to Work competition (2012), awards were given to the best employers in two company size categories: over 100 employees and under 100 employees. We anticipate that the 2014 awards will again be given to companies in these two categories.

Q: What if only a few of our employees take the survey?
A: To be eligible for the awards, over 50% of your employees must complete the survey. Our researchers will keep an eye on your response rate, and alert your contact person via email if the response rate is less than 50%. Most workplaces achieve 70-80% response rate from their employees.

Q: How can I see my survey results?
A: Authorized contact people will be contacted after the contest, to see if they would like to purchase a copy of their survey results and/or attend a workshop to help them interpret their results and become an even better place to work. Survey results are available in the following packages:

  • An Excel file of results for each organization compared to the total pool of BPTW 2014 survey engagement scores along with detailed open ended responses to each of the six drivers of engagement: trust, management, career development, rewards, connection, life-work balance. Survey results in excel format, billed at $750 for non-profits and $1,000 for for-profits/corporations.
  • An Excel file of results for each organization compared to the total pool of BPTW 2014 survey engagement scores along with detailed open ended responses to each of the six drivers of engagement: trust, management, career development, rewards, connection, life-work balance AND a written summary report with targeted areas to focus based on strengths and weaknesses, billed at $1,500 for non-profits, $2,000 for for-profits/corporations.
  • Additional one-one consulting time with Marti Ryan and Rebecca Ryan to go over specific scores, questions, goal setting and/or organization wide presentations billed at $250/hour.

Q: If we don’t win, will this be published in the magazine?
A: No, only the winner’s names will be published.

Q: I have a question that wasn’t covered here. Where do I go for help?
A: Contact editor Brennan Nardi at bnardi@madisonmagazine.com or (608) 270-3624


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