A Luxe Babymoon Getaway

The spa vacation offers a last chance to relax as a couple

As my husband and I drove to Sundara Inn and Spa on a gorgeous summer day, I couldn’t be more ready to relax. Seven months pregnant with our first child, I was huge, achy and irritable.

I was eager to arrive at the Wisconsin Dells spa, recently ranked number fourteen on Condé Nast Traveler’s list
of the country’s top hundred resort spas. We were coming for the babymoon, a special getaway for mothers- and fathers-to-be, featuring an overnight stay and spa treatments.

Sundara began offering the package—now a trend at spas around the country—in 2008 after often hearing that guests were visiting as a final retreat as a couple before their baby arrived.

As soon as we checked in and slipped into our robes, Will and I got serious about relaxing. He began the indoor purifying bath ritual—a circuit of shower, steam room, whirlpool and cold plunge pool—while I simply soaked my puffy feet in the warm water.

Outside, fellow spa-goers napped on chaises or soaked in the outdoor whirlpool and infinity pool. As we sat down, I actually felt tension in my body begin to ease away. We were here to unwind, and for the moment we didn’t need to think about cribs and strollers and baby classes. All those realities could wait.

Soon it was time for our couple’s massage. Two therapists led us into a dimly lit room with a pair of tables,one of which had a squishy middle to accommodate a full belly. While it was bliss simply to be able to lie on my stomach again, I wasn’t prepared for how incredible the massage would feel. Somehow, my therapist knew exactly what my pregnant body needed, and worked out my tense shoulders, tight calves and sore arches. Will had no complaints about his traditional full-body massage, either.

Afterward, he headed into the indoor relaxation room to read while I hit up the salon. I’d never had a pedicure post-massage, but now highly recommend it. My pedicurist handed me a small pillow so I could lay my head back; as she exfoliated and massaged my legs and feet and polished my nails, I floated in that lovely state between awake and asleep.

Following a few hours of lounging and sipping smoothies by the pool, we headed to our suite—a calm, open space with a king-size bed, whirlpool, comfortable living area and screened porch. In a kitchen nook, we found a treat: a bowl of fresh fruit salad, slice of chocolate cake and chilled bottle of non-alcoholic champagne. The next morning, we helped ourselves to the eggs, pancakes and fruit at the buffet breakfast and sat in the airy mezzanine before reluctantly checking out.

Parents-to-be are often told to take care of themselves, or to appreciate the time they have before life completely changes. Having spent a luxurious twenty-four hours at Sundara, I can’t think of a better way to unwind, connect as a couple, take a moment to appreciate this exciting time and get reenergized for the adventure to come.

Katie Vaughn is managing editor of Madison Magazine.



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