Madison by Design

Finding ourselves in the design of our city

It can stop us in our tracks as we move through our world, and it can exist as if invisible. 

It is often the nexus of our needs and our dreams.

We start by looking at the component parts of this place and identifying the designs that are unique to Madison. 

It's found in our buildings, but also our food, our furniture, our art, our parks, as well as our information, industrial and biomedical innovations and inventions.

It's in us. And we should find ourselves in it.

-Introduction by Neil Heinen

The Stories

 Behind Madison's Aesthetic

 When Design Descends on Madison

 "Ridiculously Creative" Madison

 Dark Matter: A Profile of T.L. Solien

 Slideshow: The Works of Design MMoCA Global Nature, Local Design

 2012 Mixed Media Contest Winner



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