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Interviews with four top interior designers in Madison

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Karen Claffey-Koller

Owner of Karen Claffey-Koller Interior Design

What is the most rewarding aspect of your work? Karren Claffey-Koller

Creating an environment for individuals that is both functional and exciting to live in.

What trends are you seeing lately and liking a lot? 

Styles seem to be trending toward simple, pure and clean, functional design.

Outside of your clients, what inspires your work as an interior designer?

Aside from great or interesting pieces of architecture, my work is probably most influenced by nature—color, texture, movement and light.

What are some of your favorite colors and materials to work with?

My own personal “favorites” fluctuate from time to time based on the project at hand and the surrounding environment. I always love working with color and natural materials from the earth—marbles, granites, stones and woods. I like to contrast those materials with more unexpected textures such as concrete, glass, metals and silks.

interior designed by Claffey-KollerWhat are common mistakes people make when they attempt to design their own homes? How do you help them?

Sometimes people get so focused on their immediate surroundings that they forget about “the big picture.” When altering a space, the optimal condition is to have that new area look like it perfectly fits in with the rest of the place. I can help work that magic—make spaces feel better, seem bigger, feel cozier.


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