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Interviews with four top interior designers in Madison

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Laurel Brown

Owner of Brownhouse Design

What keeps you inspired and motivated as a designer?

It’s the absolute passion for the creation of something beautiful from nothing. I’ve used the analogy that my work is like creating a life, because it’s something that never existed before which comes from a spark and then after waiting for it to be created, it’s a new life!

What trends are you seeing and liking lately?

I actually don’t follow trends very closely because I think it’s just that—a trend and it doesn’t have staying power. What I have found is that my clientele is usually made up of people who want things that will last a longer period of time. I always advise my customers to not put money in trendy things that are architecturally associated with the building, or other things that are very expensive to change out.

Bright, intense colors are in this season for interior design. How can people incorporate those types of colors without going overboard?

The easiest way to incorporate loud colors into one’s home décor is through transitory items such as paint colors or throw pillows. Kitchen towels and artwork pieces are also items that can be easily changed out.

Interior designed by Laurel BrownWhich project that you have finished recently stands out the most for you?

It would have to be the Lucky Apartments. What’s unique about the Lucky Apartments project is that I own it. The experience of designing it was different because I was the client and creative designer and so the pressure was different. It was a phenomenal experience because it was a whole new level for us in terms of the size and complexity of the project.

People often note your fashion sense. Does it influence your work as an interior designer?

Absolutely! I really should have been in fashion; that was my first love. I always tell young designers who come to work for me that we are in a visual business, so the way you look is very important. It’s important that you express your creativity to some extent, in your personal style because it immediately gives a prospective or existing client some notion about your talent.


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