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Madison artisans share their wares, styles and stories on the online marketplace

Shop local. Those seem to be the words on everyone’s lips, from farmers’ market enthusiasts to small-business supporters. Madison prides itself on its local produce, shops and restaurants, but few may be aware that there’s a whole realm of local products in the unlikeliest but most obvious of places: the internet.

Madisonians are joining the ranks of hundreds of thousands of sellers spread over six continents who sell their wares on The website, self-declared as “Your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies,” is a marketplace for crafty people, withmillions of items available for sale on any given day. On it, you can find one-of-a-kind vintage gowns, handmade shrinky dink necklaces, customized hand-printed stationary and everything in between. And you can buy it right from your own neighborhood.

Thanks to Etsy’s helpful “shop local” tab, you can browse more than 17,000 items being sold by Madison-based sellers.

We’d like to introduce three local sellers who bring their personalities and passions to their Etsy shops.

One is a mother of two who creates her own cards, another is a traveler who brings her vintage finds to her Madison home base, and another designs jewelry that can be found all over the world. Each has her story, but all three are united by

Handmade Jewelry

“Etsy’s really cool because often times you’re buying directly from the person who made it, so you have a connection with that person and you end up with a piece that was made specifically for you.”

-Angie Haugland



Handmade Cards & Stationary

“I don’t think I’d be selling at the rate I am without Etsy’s exposure. This week alone I’ve sent orders to Sweden, Australia, and Mount Horeb!”

-Jessica Bates


Local Vintage

“If you’re looking for something specific, just type in some keywords and you’ll find it on Etsy. And the great thing is, whatever you’re looking for you’ll find the most unique version of it because everything is either handmade or vintage.”

-Jess Parvin


Looking for great gifts? Here is our Etsy Shopping List:

We sifted through the over 16,000 items being sold on Etsy by Madison sellers to find the items we’d most like to give (and receive) as gifts. Everything on Etsy is one-of-a-kind, so act quickly if something catches your eye! But if you miss out on a handmade item, fret not – most sellers can recreate a piece just for you.

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