Life On The Beach: Lakes Poem

Aug 4, 2011

Liz Wingate

Sandwiched between two great lakes
Madison, Wisconsin, is anything but fake.
We keep it real, green and true
With lakes of plenty, wide and blue.

Majestic they spread, far and wide
And we don’t have to worry about a tide.
Keeping boats afloat and giving fish a home
The gentle waves produce frothy white foam.

Sailors, boaters and rowers too
All love the lakes, yes they do.
But sooner or later they’re going down,
The thought of that makes me frown.

With bacteria and algae building up
It’s going to be hard to boat and SUP
Fish will die and swimmers will itch
Isn’t this news quite a … pickle?

Lets get out and clean up our waters
To protect our beautiful sons and daughters.
Give them the chance to enjoy Madison’s pride
Please don’t just sit by the decaying side.


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