Edgewood Nurse Calls for Student Assistance

Margaret Noreuil, Dean of the Edgewood College School of Nursing, was attracted to Edgewood College because of the Dominican tradition it strives to entrust in students. She says the Dominican values of truth, community, justice, compassion and partnership match the qualities desired in the nursing profession.

“When I came here, I felt we were really preparing students to go out into the professional world and focus their practice with a good solid foundation of those Dominican values,” she says.

Noreuil has worked in the nursing profession for twenty years, and around three years ago was working as a nurse. Noreuil is also involved in promoting Edgewood College’s Tee Up for Nursing, its largest fundraiser for the School of Nursing annually.

Tee Up for Nursing raises funds for nursing students attending Edgewood College. Noreuil calls these contributions a “lifesaver” to students.

“Without that funding, it would be difficult for some [students] to attend the nursing program … college is so expensive, and they often need scholarships besides Tee Up for Nursing too.”

Almost all of Edgewood’s nursing students work, Noreuil says.

“By having these scholarships it helps them to not have to be working so much when they are going to college,” Noreuil says. “They can focus more on their studies.”

The national nursing shortage has increased the need for nurses as baby boomers age. “Most nursing programs across the country have increased their enrollment to try and keep up with the demand for needing more and more nurses, and we have done the same thing,” she says.

Scholarships allow Edgewood to graduate more students and better prepared nurses, Noreuil says.

“Because of the nursing shortage, the City of Madison and community really needs better prepared nurses,” Noreuil says. “Because of the scholarships, we’re able to enroll more students in the nursing program and they’re more likely to be able to stay in it and graduate because they had the funding they need for their tuition.”

For more information about the Edgewood College School of Nursing, please visit nursing.edgewood.edu

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