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Find local foods—even in the aisles of Madison's biggest grocery stores

Jul 19, 2010

Madison loves to eat local. And sure, it’s easy to find veggies, honey, cheese and other locally produced delicacies during the summer months, when area farmers' markets are in full swing. But area supermarkets and grocery stores are loaded with local items, both seasonally and year-round. So we asked Madison-areas grocers to list the local products they sell. Here are the items they shared:

Brennan’s Market
(Product: Supplier)

Bakery: Clasen's
Bakery: Brennan's
Beer: Brennan's
Cheese: Assorted local providers
Cherries: Door County
Coffee: Assorted local providers
Fruit wine: Brennan's Cellars
Ice cream: Brennan's
Landjaeger: Brennan's
Mustard: Brennan's
Peanut butter: Brennan's
Pizza: Brennan's
Produce: Amish Family Farms
Summer sausage: Brennan's
Water: Brennan's
Wine: Brennan's Cellars
Yogurt: Sugar River

(Product: Supplier)

Apples: Grandview Orchards
Assorted grocery: Sargento Foods
Bakery: Kangaroo Bread
Bakery: Reynolds Pastries
Bakery: Brownberry Bread Company
Beer: Miller
Beer: Sprecher
Cabbage: Charles Wery Farms
Cabbage: Borzynski's Farm
Candy: Quality Candy
Chips: Door County Chips
Chips: El Rey
Coffee: Alterra Organic Coffee
Herring: Ma Baensch Herring
Honey: Kallas
Hummus: Au Bon Appetit
Maple syrup: Kallas
Meat: Usinger
Meat: Patrick Cudahy
Meat: Johnsonville
Meat: Klement's
Meat: Oscar Mayer
Pasta: Bella Luna
Pizza: Palermo's
Popcorn: Koepsells Popcorn
Potatoes: IGL Farms
Potatoes: Okray Family Farms
Produce: Sunrise Sprout Farm
Produce: Robert Fechter
Sauces: Saz's BBQ Sauce
Sauces: Secret Stadium
Sauces: Speed Queen Hot Wing Sauce
Soda: Sprecher
Sweet corn: Bill Ingersoll
Tomatoes: Canopy Gardens

(Product: Supplier)

Apples: Sunrise Orchards
Apples: Wescott Orchard
BBQ sauces: Geffert Catering & BBQ
BBQ sauces: Howling Wolf
Bloody Mary mix: Stump's Hot Olives
Bloody Mary mix: Johnny Velvet Spice Co.
Blueberries: Urban Processing
Bruschetta: River Valley Mushroom Farm
Chocolate: Terra Source
Cider: Wescott Orchard
Crackers: Potters Crackers
Cranberries: The Cranberry Network, LLC
Dairy: Sassy Cow
Dressings: Sasha's
Fruit spreads: Butter It Up
Honey: Gentle Breeze Honey, Inc.
Jam: Rustlin Brook Farm, LLC
Jam: Porchlight
Jelly: Porchlight
Lettuce: Don's Produce
Liquor: Marlene's Premiere Desserts
Liquor: Yahara Bay
Malted milk powder: CTI Foods, Inc.
Maple syrup: Anderson's Maple Syrup
Maple syrup: Klebnow's Sugarbush
Maple syrup: DeJardin Maple Products
Marinades: Shaggy Dog's Marinade
Masala: White Jasmine
Meat: Jerk Distributing
Meat: McFarlane's Pheasants
Meat: Valley View Emus
Meat: Hawk's Hill Elk Ranch
Meat: Lange Farm Meats
Meat: Coulee View Family Farm
Meat: Wyttenbach Meats
Meat: Cedar Roads Meats
Meat: Ney's Big Sky
Meat: Wild Hare Foods
Meat: Caldwell Farms
Mushrooms: White Jasmine
Mustard: Hawk Wind Mustards
Mustard: Hawk Wind Mustards
Oils: Valley View Emus
Olives: Stump's Hot Olives
Pasta: Renaissance Farms
Peppers: Stump's Hot Olives
Pesto: Renaissance Farms
Potatoes: Russet Potato Exchange RPE
Produce: Keewaydin Farms
Produce: Van Produce
Produce: Hidden Valley Mushroom Farm
Produce: Troy Community Farm
Pumpkins: Luck's Pumpkins
Sauces: Sasha's
Sauces: Di Salvo's Sauces, LLC
Sauces: Old Man Charlie
Tomatoes: Darlington Hydroponic
Tomatoes: Don's Produce
Wine: Bauer-Kearns Winery
Wine jelly: Cottage Grove Kitchens
Wood cooking planks: Shoops Wood Cooking Planks

Miller and Sons Supermarket
(Product: Supplier)

Assorted Grocery: Baraboo Candy Company
Assorted Grocery: Blue Farm Corn Chips
Assorted Grocery: Cherryland's Best
Assorted Grocery: Hawkwing
Assorted Grocery: Klebenow's Sugarbush
Assorted Grocery: Nicolet Forest Bottling Company
Assorted Grocery: DiSalvo's
Assorted Grocery: Silver Spring Foods
Assorted Grocery: Tomato Mountain Farm
Assorted Grocery: Bucky Badger
Bakery: Wild Peace Bakery
Bakery: Silly Yak Bakery
Bakery: Clasen's European Bakery
Beer: Lakefront Brewery
Beer: Minhas Craft Brewery
Beer: Sprecher Brewing Company
Beer: Leinenkugel Brewery
Beer: Lake Louie Brewery
Beer: Ale Asylum Brewery
Beer: Point Brewery
Beer: Sand Creek Brewery
Beer: Capitol Brewery
Coffee: Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters
Dairy: Dawn Food Products
Dairy: Carr Valley Cheese Company
Dairy: Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese
Dairy: New Century Farm
Dairy: Pasture Pattern Eggs
Dairy: Sassy Cow Creamery
Dairy: Shullsburg Creamery
Dairy: Sugar River Dairy
Dairy: Westby Co-op Creamery
Dairy: Organic Valley
Dairy: Happy Valley Farm
Dairy: Roth Kase USA
Frozen: Palermo's
Frozen: Emil's Pizza
Frozen: Renaissance Farm
Frozen: Schoep's Ice Cream Company
Frozen: Bagels Forever
Honey: Hawke Honey
Honey: Gentle Breeze Honey
Kringle: Racine Danish Kringles
Liquor: Central Waters
Liquor: Yahara Bay Distillers
Liquor: Von Stiehl
Liquor: Midwest Liquor
Liquor: Wienkemkt
Maple syrup: Wagner's Maple Syrup
Maple syrup: Roth's Maple Syrup
Meat: Kelement's Sausage Company
Meat: Johnsonville
Meat: Patrick Cudahy
Meat: Ruef's Meat Market
Meat: Wenzels Farm Sausage
Meat: Wild Hare Foods
Meat: Stoneridge Meats
Meat: Docs German Sausage
Mustard: Koop's Mustard
Mustard: Martha's Hot Mustard
Pasta: RP's Pasta Company
Popcorn: Palo Popcorn
Produce: Alsum Produce
Produce: Berry Hill Farm
Produce: Eugster
Produce: Oakwood Fruit Farm
Produce: Cherry Delight
Produce: Allen Asparagus
Wine: Botham Vineyards
Wine: Weggy Winery
Wine: Wollersheim Winery
Wine: Spurgeon Vineyards
Wine: 3 Lakes Winery

Metcalfe’s Market
(Product: Supplier)

Ambrosia: APM Cocoa
Assorted grocery: Back To Nature
Assorted grocery: Bucky Badger
Assorted grocery: Country Ovens Ltd.
Bagels: Bagels Forever
Beer: Berghoff
Beer: Blumers (Minhas Craft Brewery)
Broccoli: JenEhr Farm
Cabbage: Real Foods
Cherries: Cherryland's Best
Cinnamon rolls: Mark's Cinnamon Rolls
Coffee: Alterra Coffee Roasters
Coffee: Berres Bros. Coffee
Floral: Edgewood Greenhouses
Floral: Fair Field Flowers
Floral: Indian Trail Greenhouses
Floral: Karthauser & Sons Greenhouses
Floral: North Parish Gardens
Floral: Orchids Garden Centre & Nursery
Frozen: Cherryland's Best, Door County
Frozen: Emil's Pizza, Inc.
Frozen: Lebby's Frozen Pizza, LLC
Frozen: Main Dish Kitchens
Frozen custard: Michael's Frozen Custard
Gluten-free frozen pizza: Bunky's Café
Green onions: Vang Gardens
Ice cream: Babcock Hall
Ice cream: Cedarcrest
Ice cream: Chocolate Shoppe
Ice cream: Schoep's
Mustard: Bratfest Mustard
Nappa cabbage: Primrose Community Farm
Organic asparagus: Blue Valley Gardens
Organic heirloom tomatoes: Happy Valley Farm
Organic Nappa cabbage: Ridgeland Harvest
Pasta: RP's Pasta
Pesto: Renaissance Farm
Pizza: Orv's 5 Star Frozen Foods
Pizza: Palermos
Pizza: Peps
Produce: Blue Moon Community Farm
Produce: Flyte Family Farm
Produce: Primrose Community Farm
Produce: Xong Farm
Quiche: Dawn's Foods
Quiche: Kitchen Hearth
Radishes: Happy Valley Farm
Sausage: Rogge's Sausage, Inc.
Sausage: Silver Creek Specialty Meats
Strawberries: Flyte Family Farm
Summer squash: Prairie Farm Produce
Wax beans: Vang Yang Farm
Zalta salts: Renaissance Farm
Zucchini: Prairie Farm Produce

Whole Foods Market
(Product: Supplier)

Assorted grocery: Bucky Badger
Assorted grocery: Oskri
Assorted grocery: Renaissance Farms
Bakery: East Side Ovens
Bakery: La Campagna
Bakery: Grace Cheesecakes
Bakery: Rolf's Patisserie
Bakery: Nature's Bakery
Bakery: Natural Ovens
Bakery: Madison Sourdough
Beer: Central Waters
Beer: Lakefront
Beer: Blu Creek
Beer: Tyranena
Beer: New Glarus Brewing Company
Beer: Schlitz
Beer: Point
Beer: Pabst
Beer: Ale Asylum
Beer: Potosi Brewing Company
Beer: Furthermore
Beer: Capital Brewery
Beer: Lake Louie Brewing
Beer: Leinenkugels
Beer: Grumpy Troll
Beer: Daves Brew Farm
Beer: Oso Brewing
Butter: Grassland Butter
Butter: Westby Creamery
Cheese: Brunkow Cheese
Cheese: Carr Valley Cheese
Cheese: Country Connection
Cheese: Edelweiss
Cheese: Great Midwest
Cheese: Hidden Springs
Cheese: Hooks Cheese Company
Cheese: Landhaus
Cheese: MapleLeaf
Cheese: Mt. Sterling
Cheese: Uplands Cheese Company
Cheese: Roth Kase
Cheese: Salemville
Cheese: Sole
Cheese: V & V
Cheese: Whole Creamery
Cheese: Crave Brothers
Cheese: Green Bay Cheese
Cheese: Alp and Dell
Cheese: Grass Point Farms
Cheese: Saxon Homestead Creamery
Cheese: Hennings Wisconsin Cheese
Cheese: Sartori Foods
Cheese: 365
Cheese: Cedar Grove
Chips: Blue Farm Chips
Coffee: Kickapoo Coffee
Coffee: Ancora Coffee Roasters
Coffee: Just Coffee Cooperative
Crackers: Potters Crackers
Dairy: Organic Valley
Dairy: Grassy Way Organics
Dairy: Sugar River
Dairy: Pasqual's
Eggs: New Century Farms
Floral: Lewiston Perennial Farm
Floral: West Star Farm
Floral: Star Valley
Floral: Blooming of Beloit
Floral: Karthauser and Sons
Frozen: Eastside Café
Frozen: Nature's Bakery
Goat cheese: Montchevre
Goat milk: Caprine Supreme
Hard lemonade: Sand Creek
Honey: Some Honey
Honey: Wisconsin Natural Acres
Honey: Gentle Breeze
Hummus: Lulu's Hummus
Maple syrup: Anderson's Pure Maple Syrup
Marmalade: Quince and Apple Preserves
Meat: McFarlane Pheasants
Milk: Castle Rock
Mustard: Mustard Girl
Nuts: Kleines Beyern
Pasta: RP's Pasta
Preserves: Quince and Apple Preserves
Produce: Vermont Valley
Produce: Harmony Valley Farm
Produce: Tipi Produce
Produce: Driftless Organics
Produce: West Start Farm, LLC
Produce: Gourmet Delight Mushroom Farm
Produce: Majestic Heights
Produce: Happy Valley Farm
Produce: Appleberry Farms
Produce: Keewaydin Farms
Produce: Rebel Green
Raw milk spreads: Fayette Creamery
Ricotta cheese: Le Grande Fresh Ricotta
Sauces: Disalvo's Sauces
Seafood: Rushing Waters
Seafood: Macinac Straights
Seafood: Great Lakes Wood
Soy :The Simple Soyman
Water: Klarbrunn
Whole Body: Enzymatic Therapy
Whole Body: Florajen
Whole Body: Ann Doody Art Cards
Whole Body: Gentle Breeze
Whole Body: Imagine
Whole Body: Renata's Yarn Things
Whole Body: Little Honeyzz's
Whole Body: Four Elements
Whole Body: Sun Leaf Natural
Whole Body: Tera’s Whey

Willy Street Co-op
(Product: Supplier)

Bison: Heartland Bison
Bloody Mary mix: Tomato Mountain
Cheese: Anthony's
Cheese: Capri Cheese
Cheese: Carr Valley Cheese
Cheese: Cascade Cheese Co.
Cheese: Cedar Grove Cheese
Cheese: Chalet Cheese Co-op
Cheese: Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese
Cheese: Deppeler Cheese Factory
Cheese: Edelweiss Creamery
Cheese: Hook's Cheese Co.
Cheese: Maple Leaf Cheese
Cheese: Mt. Sterling Cheese Cooperative
Cheese: Next Generation
Cheese: Ostenborg
Cheese: Otter Creek Organic Farm
Cheese: Pasture Pride Cheese
Cheese: Roth Kase
Cheese: Salemville
Cheese: Saxon Homestead Creamery
Cheese: Uplands Cheese Company
Cheese: Widmer's Cheese Cellars
Chicken: Roesler Farms
Cream: Sassy Cow
Cucumbers: JenEhr Family Farm
Eggs: M & M Organic Farms
Eggs: New Century Farm
Eggs: Pasture Patterns
Eggs: Yuppie Hill Poultry
Goat cheese: Dreamfarm
Goat milk: Caprine Supreme
Goat milk: Dreamfarm
Goat milk: Sunshine Farms
Herbal tea: Four Elements Organic Herbals
Herbs: Troy Community Farm
Honey: Gentle Breeze Honey
Honey: Wisconsin Natural Acres
Kim Chi: Angelica's Garden
Kohlrabi: West Star Farm
Lamb: Pinn-Oak Ridge Farms
Maple syrup: Amelse Farms
Maple syrup: Kickapoo Gold
Maple syrup: Spring Valley
Meats: Black Earth Meats
Meats: Cates Family Farm
Meats: Lange's Meat Market
Milk: Organic Valley
Milk: Sassy Cow
Mushrooms: Herb-n-Oyster
Mushrooms: Schickert Distributing
Parsley: West Star Farm
Pork: Willow Creek Farms
Potatoes: Vermont Valley Community Farm
Preserves: Tomato Mountain
Produce: Harmony Valley Farms
Produce: Keewaydin Organics
Produce: Tipi Produce
Rice: Krinke's Farm Market
Salsa: Tomato Mountain
Sauerkraut: Angelica's Garden
Sauerkraut: Powerkraut
Shallots: King's Hill Farm
Sheep milk cheese: Hidden Springs Creamery
Sorghum flour: Rolling Meadows
Sorghum syrup: Rolling Meadows
Sunflower oil: Driftless Organics
Tomatoes: Don's Produce
Tomatoes: Jacob Lapp
Turkey: Grass is Greener Gardens
Water: Nicolet Natural
Wild rice: North Bay
Yogurt: Maple Leaf Cheese

(Product: Supplier)

Assorted grocery: Elegant Foods
Assorted grocery: Palermo's Italian Foods
Bagels: Bagels Forever
Bakery: Breadsmith
Bakery: Chris and Lori's Bakehouse
Bakery: Clasen's European Bakery
Bakery: Colonial Bakery
Bakery: Madison Sourdough
Bakery: Nature's Bakery
Bakery: Oakhouse Farm Bakery
Bakery: Village Hearth Baking
Bakery: Grebes Bakery
Bakery: Natural Ovens
Bakery: George Weston Bakeries
Beer: City Brewery
Candy: Eillens Candies
Cheese: Rock Cheese Co.
Cheese: Baker Cheese Co.
Cheese: Green Bay Cheese
Coffee: Steep and Brew
Coffee: Victor's Coffee and Tea
Coffee: Berres Bros. Coffee
Coffee: Door County Coffee and Tea
Dairy: Madison Dairy Produce Co.
Floral: Bouquet Connection
Floral: Irish Lane Greenhouses
Floral: Taylor's Greenhouses
Frozen custard: Michael's Frozen Custard
Ice cream: Chocolate Shoppe
Ice cream: Schoep's Ice Cream
Ice cream: Cedar Crest Ice Cream
Ice cream: Zurheide Ice Cream
Liquor: Badger Liquor
Liquor: Edison West Liquor
Liquor: Frank Liquor Co.
Meat: Badgerland Meat
Meat: Gabbei Meats
Meat: Kaukauna Meats
Meat: Klement Sausage Co.
Meat: Rogge's Sausage
Pasta: RP's Pasta Co.
Pizza: Emil's Pizzas
Pizza: Orv's Pizza
Poultry: Badger Poultry
Produce: North Parish Gardens
Produce: Oakdale Farms Produce
Produce: Schroeder Produce Farm
Produce: Alsum Produce
Produce: JW Produce
Produce: La Crosse Produce
Wine: L'eft Bank Wine
Wine: Purple Feet Wines

Jennifer Phelps is an editorial intern at Madison Magazine. 

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