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The word “eco” is thrown around so freely these days that it’s almost lost its novelty. After all, green home goods like cork flooring, furnishings in every iteration and chic, organic textiles are frequently shown in home décor magazines and HGTV shows.

Stroll in to Andrea Jakubczak’s EcoFusion Design showroom and you’d have no idea it epitomizes any of those eco-buzzwords you hear about like sustainable, organic and toxin-free. That’s because it’s so fashionably outfitted that at face value it’s just a striking home store. Jakubczak seated on a Cisco Brothers armchair covered in linen

“I came up with the name of the store because it’s a mix; it’s a green home showroom,” explains Jakubczak. “It’s a one-stop green shop. I have a fusion of styles—like traditional and contemporary—working together.”

As a former designer for both Thomasville Furniture and Gorman & Company, Jakubczak knows her stuff about interior design, and, due to her extensive research before opening the store this past February, she can cite the green aspects of each of her product lines. Most of them are made in the U.S., too.

Check out monkey wood side tables (“it’s a fast-growing wood,” she points out); sustainably made furniture (Cisco Brothers couches stuffed with latex and wool and covered with cotton, linen, velvet and recycled polyester) and eco-friendly cabinetry (doors are made with wheatgrass wood bound with nontoxic resin), among others. 

Prices are not outrageous and most are in line for what you’d find for the same quality in a non eco-friendly product. Some are no doubt higher-end (like the Bazzeo cabinetry) but Jakubczak’s goal is to attract customers of all ages: she names the younger set as most interested in eco-friendly products, but usually unable to afford them. EcoFusion’s got all of the big—and small—accent pieces you’d need.

When you buy her items, “you’re going to have something that lasts forever,” she states simply. And if you pick up one of those charming Cisco Brothers floor poufs or a sleek décor piece, I don’t think that’s such a bad thing.


EcoFusion Design

Price range: $7–$3,700

Owner’s Picks: Cisco Brothers pouf/ottoman, $750–$1,500; Caroma Profile Smart Toilet, $800; Bazzeo kitchen cabinetry, pricing varies. A monkey wood side table and bamboo lamps are all made of fast-growing woods—and add a touch of the exotic.

Editor’s Picks: Beatriz Ball aluminum serveware, $30–$150; mother-of-pearl hexagon belly stool, $240; bamboo lamp, $278; recycled metal disc wall hanging, $134.

Verdict: Bringing more green home products to Madison is a huge bonus for consumers, and EcoFusion’s deceptively stylish showroom touting a sleek, modern look and of-the-moment home décor pieces makes eco-friendly shopping fun.

EcoFusion Design, 3236 University Ave. 231-1900. eco-fusiondesign.com

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Shayna Miller is associate and style editor of Madison Magazine.




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