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New to Monroe Street, Forget Me Not Studio carries impeccable gifts and tabletop décor

Forget Me Not Studio

2623 Monroe St., 233-7560 

If you delight in quaint shops full of curiosities and lovely little objets, then take a trip to Forget Me Not Studio, Monroe Street’s newest purveyor of gifty things and tabletop décor. Soothing scented candles, cheery pillows, vintage framed catalog pages and charming tableware are all sprinkled among a tasteful neutral palette of white walls and espresso-hued wood floors—which keep the focus squarely on the exceptional merchandise.

“It’s traditionally made classics—pieces that have a history to them,” explains owner Beth Rhodehamel, who opened the boutique in late December 2012.

Rhodehamel has a remarkable resume, having worked in the fashion and art departments at (now defunct) Mademoiselle magazine in New York, in shoe design with Donna Karan Collection, in freelance design with Williams-Sonoma and finally here at Lands’ End in shoe and accessory design. She even sold shoe sketches to Tom Ford for his first Gucci collection. Needless to say, Rhodehamel’s store reflects her varied adventures and impeccable eye for design.

Many of the brands she carries are ones she’s worked with in the past—like French porcelain brand Gien, Belgian linen label Libeco and legendary American textile line Sister Parish. Quirky ceramic plates with roosters, polka-dotted serving trays and fabrics designed by Rhodehamel herself are just some of the treasures you’ll stumble upon.

Clockwise from top left:


These vintage catalog pages of women’s wear from the 1920s are from a department store in Ohio. Amazingly, Rhodehamel found them in Vienna, Austria! Hang four of them together for a chic wall tableau in a living room or office. $25–$110


Go Badgers! U.K.-based Quail Ceramics makes reproductions of British wildlife, like these badger creamers. $25–$40


Zeller Keramik ceramic dinnerware is a German brand that’s been around since 1794. Rhodehamel has kept it in the back of her mind for years. When she worked in New York City, “I would walk down Madison Avenue to work every day and this line was in a window of a store. I coveted it!” Twenty-five years later, she’s carrying it in her own store. $26–$40


These cellophane-wrapped treats are called Surprise Balls and look like fun little presents. Find toys and goodies inside for an amusing party favor. $16


Barbara Eigen’s ceramics are a fun way to bring a little spring to your tabletop. $27–$120


Looking to revamp a room? Check out these “inspiration boards” for home décor ideas. Rhodehamel constructs a room look consisting of three or four paint colors, fabric swatches and wallpaper examples. “You either have to do interior decoration on your own, or it’s really expensive,” she says. “I want it to be accessible.”

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Photos by Martha Busse. 



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