Our Burger Madness Winner Revealed!

Madison, meet your burger contest winner

After several rounds of competition and countless votes, the results are in! AJ BombersMad Sconnie wins Madison Magazine’s first-ever Burger Madness showdown. And get this: Madisonians not only chose this burger as their favorite in our sixteen-burger battle; they also built it.

“When we began planning the menu for our Madison restaurant [the original is in Milwaukee], we reached out to locals through social media to ask what burger we should build to most represent their city,” says owner Joe Sorge. “People gave us extensive feedback.” After entertaining all the possibilites, Sorge and his team created a homegrown burger to feature beside eight others on their opening day last October. What makes this burger a winner? It starts with a spicy cheese bread bun from Stella’s Bakery that’s topped with a patty of grass-fed beef from Black Earth Meats and bacon from Nueske’s (that’s right, a patty made from beef and bacon), lettuce, tomato, a fried pickle and the very special Bomber Sauce.

But old-fashioned word of mouth and modern technology also helped AJ Bombers take the win from the runner-up, Bob’s Bad Breath Burger at the Weary Traveler Free House. “The reason the Mad Sconnie won,” thinks Sorge, “is because we’ve been reaching out to the people of Madison through social media from the very beginning. They spoke about the burger they wanted us to build, we listened, and when the Burger Madness contest came around, they responded.”

Now that the burger’s all the rage, the Mad Sconnie won’t be leaving AJ Bombers’ menu in the foreseeable future, but Sorge says they’re always looking for input on new burgers to add to the menu. Let them know your ideas via Facebook or Twitter, or perhaps in person, over an order of the burger you chose as Madison’s favorite.

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