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Oct 15, 2009
12:01 PM
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Not So Clueless

Not So Clueless

I have said many times before that I’m not, well, the most tech-y person in the bunch. But when I was introduced to the My Style Fashion Assistant iPhone app by Madison creators Jeff Ollerman and Louie Penaflor, I fell in love. You see, this app allows you to virtually document your closet on your iPhone (Check out the gallery below for screen shots of the app).

Basically users photograph each piece of their clothing—shoes, pants, tops, dresses and accessories (jewelry, handbags, belts). Which admittedly, is time-consuming at first (but once you’ve photographed everything all you need to do is photograph each subsequent piece if you buy something new). Then the My Style Fashion Assistant can really go to work. Categorize each piece according to what it is (pant, top, etc) and then construct virtual outfits by using the slider panel on the phone.

Don’t like that top with those jeans? Slide over the top slider and find exactly what you want. Or, if you don’t have what you want already, go to your favorite shopping website and pull that top into your virtual closet to see how it would look with the rest of the outfit. It’s an ingenious idea and so simple my explanation here probably can’t even convey it. If you go to the website you’ll get a better idea:

If I had an iPhone I would immediately purchase this app (only $4.99, available on iTunes). Ollerman and Penaflor both told me that users have compared this style app to Cher Horowitz’s virtual closet from the movie Clueless—one user even comments: “2009 has finally caught up with 1995 thanks to My Style Fashion Assistant. This app allows you to live the dream of being Cher in Clueless. Mixing and matching clothes with the 3-panel fashion slider is awesome. I’ve spent WAY too much time making outfits. It’s so much fun and completely addictive.” The user’s name, ironically, is “Cher Horowitz.”

My favorite aspect of this app? The calendar feature, which lets users document their wardrobe every day of the week. Perfect for those who can’t remember what they wore last week (um, me) or those who just want a little variety in their looks—the calendar function can save your every fashionable move.

2,500 people have purchased the app worldwide (Ed's update: Since our interview Ollerman tells me 3,000 people have purchased the app). (Australia, Canada, Japan, France and more) and people of all ages have bought it, say Ollerman and Penaflor.

So organize your closet, figure out what fashionable holes you need to fill and even—gaspsave money by rediscovering new life for old pieces by mixing and matching for tons of outfit combos.

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