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Dec 30, 2010
03:15 PM
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Model Behavior

Model Behavior

I’ve had a few people ask about our January Style Sheet model, Kay Campitelli. Some wanted to know if she was a professional model (nope) and who she was. I first met Kay through a mutual friend and decided to ask her model in our shoot. I was very happy with the results—we had a tough time picking out shots for the magazine, since so many were stunning! In fact, the collage you see above features three of the shots we DID use in the magazine, along with three we didn’t (but were strong contenders). I decided to talk to Kay, who’s a local yoga instructor, a little more about her life in Madison.

What’s your background?

Well, I used to teach elementary-school science in Philadelphia. But about thirteen years ago I quit that because I had started doing yoga a lot and met my teacher whom I’ve been studying with since then. So I trained to become massage therapist and a yoga instructor. I study with a woman named Diane Long and it’s a very particular yoga (it’s by an Italian woman named Vanda Scaravelli) that’s much more traditional and working with individuals one on one. It’s classical yoga, before it became western and commercialized.

I lived in Rome for six years and taught yoga there and continued to study with my teacher. Before Rome I taught yoga in San Francisco and Philadelphia. Now I’m currently at Studio Melt and I do group and individual lessons.

I have a three-and-a-half-year -old named Max, and I live my boyfriend and his twelve-year-old daughter. It’s a bit of a Brady Bunch thing going on—but in much lower numbers!

What brought you to Madison?

I came here for a workshop five years ago. When I was in Rome, I was looking for somewhere in the U.S. to move back to, being a single mom. The size of Madison makes it manageable and affordable. It also has people that are very forward thinking. So, Madison has the things that are most important to me, which is yoga and being a mom.

What local businesses and restaurants do you like to frequent?

I like Atticus because it’s not overwhelming and they have what I find important in my clothing. My philosophy is, less is more. Since I have a three-year-old, I have about 2.2 minutes to think about what I’m wearing every morning! So, I need to have fewer items but they need to be things I really like. And that’s what I’ve found in [owner] Kristin’s store—she doesn't have a huge inventory, but it’s carefully thought out and high quality stuff.

I like Graze and L’Etoile. We love [Graze’s] chocolate croissants, which are the closest thing that I’ve found to those in Rome! We also go to Ha Long Bay a lot and I like Pizza Brutta.

Max and I go to The Madison Children’s Museum, the Central Library and Capitol Kids a lot, too.

How would you describe your personal style?

I really would much rather have something that’s well made and fits right, and spend more on that. My style is simple, classic, nothing flashy. I like stuff that makes me feel good, and that’s very important with a three-year-old since he’s so demanding for attention!

What’s your most memorable luxury purchase, and what’s your favorite steal?

When I was in Rome I bought a pair of Fendi rain wellies from the Fendi store. I also recently bought a pair of cashmere-lined fingerless gloves from Atticus. I’m happy with those.

My basic fashion philosophy is to stay out of malls. I have about three fabulous cashmere sweaters I got at a secondhand clothing stall at an outdoor market in Rome. I paid about $50 for all three and I wear them all of the time!

What’s something you’d never wear?

Sweatpants. You’d never find me out in those.

What’s your daily uniform?

Jeans, boots and t-shirt or sweater.

What are your handbag essentials?

I usually have a MAC lipgloss and an Aveda lipstick. My aviators, I can’t live without those! I love Rescue Remedy—it’s a homeopathic spray that’s supposed to be calming. You spray it on your tongue. I use it with my son, but I use it too. And my Welleda Skin Food hand cream.

You told me during the shoot that you actually had modeled for a bit when you were younger. Tell us about that.

I did some modeling when I was in high school [in Pennsylvania] for local designer Michael Leva who then went on to New York. But he would come back to the area (he was from Johnstown, Penn., near where I grew up) and he did runway shows, so I did a few of those. I also did a bit of modeling in Philly when I lived there in my early- to mid-twenties.

How was it doing Madison Magazine’s photo shoot?

I thought it was fun—I was exited and flattered that I was asked. I had left [modeling] behind and had never really pursued anything with it—I kind of forgot about it. But I was happy to do it again, I like it!

The January "Style Sheet" shootWhat were your favorite pieces from the shoot?

Well, I already have the Mavi jeans [Orchid “Storm Jewel” skinny jean, $101, shown in photo, right] from J. LaMore! And I liked the black leather jacket [Truth + Pride leather jacket, $545, J. LaMore, shown in photo, right]. And I loved the fur vest [Kial beaver fur vest, $149, Lu Anders, shown in photo, left].,







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