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Aug 11, 2011
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Clothing Problem-Solvers

Clothing Problem-Solvers

In my stylist kit I have clips, fishing line, safety pins, dress tape and more. Of course these items on their own are useful in everyday life, but we don’t clip the back of a dress or skirt that’s too big to go to work or secure purse straps with fishing line either. That’s where the real problem-solvers come in.

We’ve all heard of Spanx (and many of us have probably worn an iteration of the tummy-, thigh- and rear-tucking garments). But there’s a lot more to being a stylist than just employing Spanx for a photo shoot. I don’t tend to use Spanx a lot for shoots—only one or two instances come to mind—but these foundation garments are essential for women who want a smooth, lump-free look. (It might surprise you who uses Spanx—celebs like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Blake Lively employ Spanx—seen in the photo of Kardashian here. Photo courtesy of

There are all kinds of fashion fix-its out there for every little sartorial conundrum you might find yourself in.


Give It the Boot

StiruppzCome boot season this fall, many of us wear skinny jeans with boots. But when your jeans bunch up under your boots or don’t stay in place, it’s an annoying problem to deal with. Try Stiruppz, which are straps with clips on both sides that you simply attach to your jeans. They basically function as stirrups—hence the name—which are of course hidden anyway under your boots. I’ve tried these and they work great.

Strapdowns are like a “belt” for your ankles—you slip them on over your ankle and pull to adjust the tightness so your jeans won’t move.,

Tops with a Twist

Bra straps showing, strapless dresses slipping and blouses gaping open are all little snags we have to deal with. Braza offers a product for virtually every one of these—and more. The most common product you’ve probably seen in stores everywhere (by different brands) is their Flash Tape that helps keep a strapless dress in place, fix a gaping blouse—even repair a hem. One caveat: a friend recently tried it on a delicate strapless dress and she reported it was a bit too strong—sticking to the fabric a little too much! But for heavier cottons and other materials this should prove a useful feature.

Other products Braza peddles include:
Bra back extenders—cloth extenders for bras when you need a larger size.
Clothing shields—pads you stick on a top in the underarm area to absorb moisture and keeps the wearer comfortable.
The magic clip—pulls your bra straps together to give breasts a perkier look, as well as accommodate racerback tops.
If you want a lot of these products rolled into one kit, try their Diva Comfort Kit, which includes silicone bra straps, a waist extender, a magic clip, clear bra straps and more.

Cover-Up Central

Chickies Cleavage CoverageIf you like the look of layered tanks but don’t want to have to wear two layers, Chickies Cleavage Coverage is for you. I’ve even tried this little ingenious top and I admit it works well. I have a maxidress that dipped a little too low in the underarm area, exposing my bra underneath my armpits. I frequently wore a tank underneath my dress but found that it was too bunchy for the sleek dress. I snapped on a Chickies top around my bra and it covered my bra effectively and was non-bulky.

Basically it looks like a sports bra from the front that dips down in the back, but with no bra straps. There are little snaps you fasten around your bra in the front, and thus you can wear (formerly) cleavage-baring tops or tops that you just want a little more coverage with.
Another effective solution is donning a bandeau top over your bra as well—I’ve seen them at Target, Forever 21 and the Braza website, above.


If you’ve got jeans or pants that aren’t fitting quite right, I’ve seen two products that can help. Isabelt looks like a large clear bra strap that you loop through your pant’s belt loops to provide a smooth look. It’s a great product for when you don’t want to wear a belt, especially under a longer shirt, because it bulks up your waistline. Isabelt helps keep jeans up and prevents gapping in the back of your jeans when you sit down. The one caveat to this belt is that you can’t wear it with tops that are tucked in—it’s only effective for tops that will go over the belt (it needs to be hidden, otherwise it’ll look odd wearing a clear belt …)

The Perfect Fit Button or Instant Button Waistband Extender is for those days when, well, your jeans won’t button. We’ve all had those days. You simply pin the button next to your jean’s actual closure to give yourself a little more breathing room—literally. This is another product that works only under tops that are untucked, as it might look odd having two buttons on your jeans!, (other iterations of this product can be found on ebay and amazon)





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