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Nov 13, 2013
02:59 PM
The Chow Down

What's That Wednesday: Savory Quiche from Chocolaterian's Central Library Café

What's That Wednesday: Savory Quiche from Chocolaterian's Central Library Café


The fire-roasted ham and blue cheese mini-quiche is one of the savory offerings at Chocolaterian Cafe's new downtown library location


Fire-roasted ham and blue cheese mini-quiche


Chocolaterian Café at Madison's Central Library
First floor, 201 W. Mifflin St.

How Much


What’s In It

-Fire-roasted ham
-Hook’s blue cheese
-Heavy whipping cream

Why This Dish?

Layers of fluffy eggs, succulent ham and tangy blue cheese make this quiche something to look forward to after navigating the numerous aisles and floors in the newly opened Central Library. The buttery crust is perfectly crafted (not surprising coming from the kitchen of a dessert shop) and the ham and cheese are added in a harmonic ratio—every bite balanced just enough of the two to satisfy my taste buds.

At this new tiny haven nestled in the library's first floor, Chocolaterian has extended its savory offerings from those of its homestead on Atwood Avenue. Look for wraps, quiche and salads. Each food item is prepared at the café's Atwood location and shuttled over to the library each morning. Some of the chocolate shop’s signature treats are also offered, like chocolate brownies, Ugly cookies and lemon and chocolate tarts. This satellite café even boasts a fully stocked espresso bar, serving up delectable lattes, cappuccinos and Parisian hot chocolate—all of which you can take with you to sip while browsing the stacks. Though the addition of quick lunch food items is refreshing, don’t get too attached to any one item—Chocolaterian’s savory food menu changes daily and varies between the library at Atwood locations.

What's That Wednesday is a new series in which we choose a food or drink item from the Madison area and break it down. Have an idea for a tasty drink or dish we should feature? Email or tweet your idea to @gmedquist using the #WhatsThat hashtag.

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