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November 2010

The Ultimate Holiday Pie


The Ultimate Holiday Pie

 Be honest.  Holidays are all about excess.  Who can work up an appetite for sorbet at Thanksgiving?  Pie is “in” right now—not that it ever went out of fashion as far as I’m concerned.  Nothing could be more appropriate for this native holiday that’s all about food, either.  Two traditional favorites—pumpkin and pecan—are quintessentially American.  And as a famous TV-chef frequently reminds us, in New Orleans they like to kick it up a notch. This dessert does that to say the least and best of all, is easy to make. New Orleans-style Chocolate Pecan Pie  1 unbaked 9-inch pie shell, thoroughly chilled1½ cups pecans, lightly toasted½ cup semi-sweet chocolate chips4 eggs, beatenPinch of...

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Stuffing or Dressing?


Stuffing or Dressing?

 To begin with, I’m talking turkey.  Technically, stuffing goes inside the bird and dressing is baked separately.  The two terms are often used interchangeably—it has more to do with where you live than grammar, since “dressing” is favored in the South and “stuffing” elsewhere.    Seemingly the idea of stuffing poultry has been around forever.  It’s as much a part of our thanksgiving feast as turkey.  In this country, bread and sage stuffing has always been the most popular, though cornbread is nearly always added in the South, and the Pennsylvania Dutch are very fond of what they call potato stuffing.  Depending upon your taste and heritage, sausage, rice and fruit may be familiar...

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