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March 2012

Pub Culture


Pub Culture

The Pub is a British institution.  It is the club of the proletariat where dues are the price of a couple of pints.  It’s short for public house and the mere mention of it conjures up images of thatched roofs, quaint names, cozy inglenooks and polished horse brasses.  Traditionally, many of these establishments were owned by breweries, exclusively dispensing their product, while others known as “free houses” served different brands of beer and ale. I got my own initiation into The Pub while a student in London.  Ye Olde Spotted Horse on Putney High Street became my local where each night I’d hang out with my mates.  Built in 1809, it was a Young’s house, and my drink of choice was a pint of best bitter. But the pub has...

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Postcard from New Orleans:  Pralines


Postcard from New Orleans: Pralines

In New Orleans, they know you’re from the hinterlands if you pronounce praline “pray-lean” instead of “praw-lean.”  In reality they are two very different confections. The French praline is made with almonds and caramelized sugar and is often ground into a powder to use as a flavoring in desserts.  In New Orleans it’s a candy made from sugar, milk or cream and pecans. I’m a fan of both. The first time I visited New Orleans I remember women with colorful headscarves on the street who sold wax-paper wrapped pralines.  I remember these candies as being so much better than what they sold in the stores in the French Quarter that cater to tourists.  I was saddened a few years ago when my favorite candy shop where I had...

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