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June 2012

Ice Cream vs. Frozen Custard


Ice Cream vs. Frozen Custard

They can be one and the same, and then again, not.  Most ice cream made in this country is of two types depending upon the ingredients.  One is sometimes referred to as Philadelphia-style, made with cream, milk, sugar and flavorings.  The other as French-style, eggs added to the cream, milk and sugar and the mixture cooked to form a custard. From its inception in the 10th century ice cream has evolved from a delicacy to what we take for granted today.  A big advance was made by Nancy Johnson who invented the hand-crank freezer in 1843.  She sold the idea to William Young for $200 who patented and manufactured her invention as the “Johnson Patent Ice-Cream Freezer.”  It consisted of an outer wooden bucket with a metal cylinder to contain...

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American Pie


American Pie

I’ve written about it many times before and I’m sure I will again.  My, oh my, I love pie!  It’s been around forever and is as unsophisticated as it gets but I never tire of it.  A recent trip to Kentucky where pie is still the dessert of choice reminded me just how much I do like it.  There like elsewhere in the South, custard pies topped with meringue are favored—fruit like peaches, cherries and blackberries are more often reserved for cobbler, a messy deep-dish affair. But I’ve enjoyed memorable pies everywhere in the country: wild blueberry in Maine; pecan in New Orleans; shoo-fly in Pennsylvania; and my all time favorite, strawberry rhubarb, right here in Wisconsin.  I regret that when pie does make it to the restaurant...

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