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June 2010

What to Make for the Fourth of July?


What to Make for the Fourth of July?

Obviously, not steak and kidney pie (not that I would ever make that)—it has to be something All American.  The first menu that comes to mind is a New England clambake—so many of the founding fathers hailed from Massachusetts. And, it would be nice to have lobster rolls from the leftovers (not that there would be any leftovers). Unfortunately the main ingredients—lobsters and clams— are hard to come by around here and I’m not sure I’m up for digging a pit in my backyard anyway. Benjamin Franklin was from Philadelphia, but cheesesteak certainly isn’t very festive.  Washington and Jefferson were from Virginia and that conjures up ham which likewise isn’t very appealing (had that at Easter anyway). ...

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Local Loco


Local Loco

I’m crazy about local food products.  Obviously, their purchase benefits our local economy and reduces our carbon footprint.  Organizations like the international Slow Food and Madison’s own REAP Food Group support and promote this concept. But, for me the bottom line is, locally produced food products more often than not taste better.  That was not always the case.  When I was growing up, I would groan when my mother bought ice cream from the local dairy—it just wasn’t as good as Borden’s.  This was the era where Wonder Bread—improbably white and soft—supplanted the homelier loaves made at the corner bakery. For whatever reason, consumers became enthralled with food manufactured in factories far away; brought to them...

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Suddenly This Summer


Suddenly This Summer

L’Etoile will move from its venerable upstairs digs to space on the ground floor of the remodeled USBank building.  Attached will be Tory Miller’s new gastropub, Graze. On Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (111) will be Francesca’s al Lago, part of the Chicagoland group of restaurants, Mia Francesca. Peppino’s old space will get a complete makeover and reopen as Nostrano Restaurant (111 S. Hamilton Street), run by chefs Timothy and Elizabeth Dahl. The former Café Montmartre will become the Underground Food Collective (127 E. Mifflin Street). Also, the successful and established Old Fashioned will become bigger when it expands at its current location (23 N. Pinckney Street).

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