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July 2010

Weekend in Madison


Weekend in Madison

Out of town guests? New to the city?  Routine in a rut? Or, just need a reminder why this place is truly special, even more so during the summer and fall. Here’s my itinerary for the perfect stay-at-home weekend. Friday 6:30 p.m.Fish Fry at the Old Fashioned.  They don’t take reservations and almost always there’s a wait, but rubbing elbows at the long bar is part of the experience. Relax, enjoy one of its namesake cocktails (made with brandy, of course), or the state’s other revered libation, an ice-cold brewski.  An order of fried cheese curds or one of their Lazy Susan appetizer assortments will help pass the time and enhance the quintessential Wisconsin dining experience. 8:00 p.m.Nightcap at the Edgewater Pier.  It’s...

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The Best of Restaurant Week


The Best of Restaurant Week

It’s now a much anticipated event observed twice a year: Restaurant Week.  It’s also a genuine bargain and opportunity to sample food at some of the city’s most popular eateries.  Participants offer three-course dinner menus for $25; some offer $15 luncheon menus as well. This promotion held in January and July next takes place in one week—July 25 – 30. In years past, many restaurants—fully booked for the official six days—have added on extra nights in order to accommodate customers. Another sign of its success is, many places around town now offer similar, reduced-price menus on a regular if not weekly basis.     As part of my own personal indulgence this past January, I put together a fantasy dining itinerary for...

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My Two Cents


My Two Cents

Lists have been around seemingly forever. I’m not talking about the mundane to-do or to-buy lists we make out everyday; I’m referring to the popularity lists—like Billboard’s Top 100 Songs and the Fortune 500. As the internet has become the primary source of news for many, rating anything and everything has exploded. I have to admit, like so many other people, I’m addicted to these compellations. In the past 24 hours, I’ve checked out the Top Ten U.S. Hotels, the Seven Healthiest Breakfast Cereals and Twenty-Five Novels You Can Read on the Beach Without Embarrassing Yourself. Of course, I’m curious to see how the choices—whether by experts or public poll—stack up against my own. They rarely do of course. Madison...

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